Top 10 Best Chocolate Bars Reviews in 2019

Chocolate bars are loved by people of all age groups. No matter kids or adults, everyone loves to have a sweet bite of their favorite chocolate. Chocolate has been the most favorite dessert, snack, and a treat for years and has never lost its popularity among the cultures across the world.

The flavor, texture, and taste of the chocolate keep it on the top of the favorites list of all people around the world.

Chocolate bars that are available on the market today may come as plain chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate, and caramel mix, nuts and resin mixed or coconut filled chocolate bars.

People eat and enjoy whichever way they like to have a bite of their favorite chocolate. Chocolate is made from high-quality cocoa and today dark chocolate and organic chocolate are few of the names used for high-quality raw chocolates that are mixed up with other ingredients to make it taste even better and irresistible.

Here we’ll be reviewing some of tastiest chocolate bars you can find and buy online as a treat for your taste and those who are born with a sweet tooth and can never stop eating such treats:

Our Top Choices

Dove Dark Chocolate Candy Bar
Dove Dark Chocolate Candy Bar
KIT KAT Candy Bar
KIT KAT Candy Bar

Top 10 Best Chocolate Bars

#1. KIND Bars Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bars

Kind Bars has a unique chocolate taste that gets anyone addicted to it. And the nutrition label will allow you to continue eating. The chocolate bars are quite healthy. The ingredients are purely organic and there are no additions or artificial ingredients.

And their savory flavor is what makes it better than other chocolate bars in the market. It also comes in a lot of tasty varieties, such as peanut butter, coconut, and other fruit flavors.

This supplement is also known to provide support for individuals who want to improve their heart health.

In addition, they can remain fresh for several days when kept in a cool dry place. Kind Bars has a good source of fiber, is low in sodium, and contains a low glycemic index. Overall, it’s a satisfying nutty crack that will certainly make you feel indulgent.

#2. Dove Dark Chocolate Candy Bar

Dove candy bars contain 18 bars of single size chocolate. If you are a lover of dark chocolate, you will definitely love these chocolate bars are individually packaged, which makes them ideal for gift baskets and parties. Give yourself a delicious afternoon with these savory and tasty chocolate bars.

The cocoa for this bar is sourced naturally from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. They are brought straight from the farm to the factory. So, you are only eating an organic chocolate bar made in the most natural way.

Dove Dark does not contain gluten or artificial sweeteners. The ingredients used in making these bars include soy lecithin, cocoa butter, chocolate, and sugar. Like dark chocolate, it maintains a balanced taste. It is not too sweet or less tasty. The chocolate bar is just perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite chocolate snack but doesn’t want to overindulge.

#3. KIT KAT Candy Bar

Tit Kat features a combination of crunchy and crispy wafers with a bland of milk chocolate. The 4-in-1 bar chocolates are excellent lunch treats you can eat and share with your friends. The package contains 36 single-serving individually wrapped chocolate bars. This makes it easy to share with loved ones or munch on the go. And the original milk flavor adds a taste variety anyone will enjoy.

In addition, the bars do not contain any unwanted ingredients like gluten and additives. Apart from pure cocoa, each bar is made with milk fat, lactose, palm kernel oil, nonfat milk, flour, and sugar.

Also, they are completely healthy and tasty. If you want to indulge in a healthy and nutritious chocolate bar, the Kit Kat will certainly make your day anytime.

#4. CLIF BAR - Energy Bar

These chocolate bars have a decent cocoa flavor that is neither too sweet nor less indulging. The bars are made to deliver the carbs, fiber, and protein needed to sustain active bodies. It comes with endless varieties of flavors that satisfy the needs of different chocolate lovers. And each bar is made with non-GMO ingredients like real chocolate, organic rolled oats, dried fruits, and nuts.

This ultimate formula is the complete natural package for bronchial health, healthy lipid levels, as well as healthy glucose levels.

In addition, the chocolate bars provide a balanced chocolate taste. You can taste the chocolate flavor but it won’t be too engrossing. For those who always prefer a 100% unsweetened chocolate, this bar will surely come in handy.

Clif Bar is completely healthy as it does not contain artificial sweeteners or gluten. In addition, the proper packaging of this chocolate bar makes sure it does not easily melt under high temperature.

#5. MOUNDS Dark Chocolate and Coconut Candy Bar

This is a delicious blend of sweet coconut and rich dark chocolate. It is another healthy chocolate bar you can take as many times as you want. Actually, each bar contains about 240 calories per serving. That is a low-calorie percentage compared to some other chocolate bars in the market.
Mounds Dark chocolate is gluten-free and completely certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

To make it easy to share with friends and close ones, the bars come in an individually wrapped package. You can take your chocolate snack on the go and share with loved ones.

To preserve this chocolate bar, you should store in a freezer to maintain that sweet tastes for a long time.

#6. MR GOODBAR Chocolate Candy Bar

If you love milk taste with a blend of peanuts, you will certainly love this chocolate bar. It’s a pack of 36 bars that are well packaged to satisfy your indulgence. The crunchy peanut and sweet chocolate tastes are quite healthy and certified as Kosher food.

They are chewy and can be wrapped for smacking on the go. Each bar of chocolate contains about 250 calories per serving. To keep them fresh, you should store them in a cool dry place, but preferably a freezer.

These chocolate candies taste great because of its peanut blend. It is completely healthy and does not contain gluten or other dangerous substances. However, we should want you that this chocolate is addictive. That’s not a bad thing considering that the bars are completely healthy.

#7. HERSHEY'S Chocolate Candy Bar

Hershey’s Chocolate bar is ideal for all kinds of events. It is perfect for churches, charitable organizations, bands, cheerleaders, sports teams, as well as school groups.

The savory blends of milk, peanut butter, and chocolate give it an enjoyable taste that is very rare. Each box comes with milk chocolate, 10 Kit Kat bars, ten Reese’s peanut butter cups, and 12 TAKE5 Candy Bars.

The chocolate bars do not melt easily. The chocolate comes with boxes for packaging. This makes sure the chocolate does not melt under high temperature.

The box contains 52 bars of crisp and delicately sweet chocolate bars with different taste varieties. It is perfect for a group with different preferences to their favorite chocolate flavor. With a lot of flavor options, everyone can choose exactly what they want.

#8. ROLO Chocolate Caramel Candy

If you love caramel flavor with a blend of milk chocolate, you will enjoy this one. The ingredients for this chocolate bar consist of salt, vanillin, dairy butter, as well as milk chocolate. This bar comes packaged with 36 bars each. You will take in about 220 calories for each chocolate bar per serving.

In addition, the chocolate is individually wrapped for easy snacking on the go. If you are concerned about how healthy it is to take them you have no worries. These bars do not contain gluten or any artificial ingredients that may not be great for your health.

And the good packaging keeps the chocolate bars safe from the heat. They do not melt easily. Caramel lovers will certainly enjoy the great taste and flavor of the Rolo chocolate bar.

#9. Raw Crunch Bars

A great percentage of the raw ingredients in Raw Crunch Bars can keep you nutritionally certified throughout the day. It can also help to maintain blood sugar and energy levels. And because of this role, stored body fats can be easily released in your body.

Nutritional wise, Raw Crunch Bars should be top on the list. The great ingredients for this chocolate bar include organic flax seeds, organic cashew nuts, organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, as well as sesame seeds. Antioxidants present in the chocolate bar promote healthy digestion.

Raw Crunch is very healthy and free of gluten as well.

It also tastes great. However, the chocolate taste may be too much for those who want a mixture of milk chocolate and other flavors. It is perfect for individuals looking for a chocolate bar with deep chocolate taste.

#10. Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Squares

This chocolate bar contains 6 pouches with 10 individually wrapped chocolate bars. Like other chocolate bars in this review, this one is gluten-free and made with sustainably grown cocoa. The package contains about 88% cocoa content while other nutritional contents fill up the remaining percent.

And the company is doing a just cause for wildlife. 10% of the profit they make is used to support wildlife preservation. That is the reason for the name, Endangered Species.

These great tasting chocolate bars are uniquely made to provide enough satisfaction to chocolate lovers. The pure chocolate taste will indulge you if you enjoy the natural taste of flavored chocolate.

It is completely healthy and does not contain too many calories. The ingredients for this bar include vanilla, soy lecithin, cane sugar, and chocolate liquor.

Those who love cooking and baking with chocolate will enjoy using these bars. They will add a rich blend of flavor while keeping your calorie intake low.

Buying Chocolate Bars FAQ

How do I choose the best chocolate bar that is healthy?

The main thing about selecting a healthy chocolate bar is to concentrate on products with a high level of cocoa content. Those with a higher percentage of natural cocoa will be healthier than others with a lesser percentage.

Is there any health consequence of taking chocolate?

Yes, there can be negative health consequences, especially for some chocolate bars that are made with gluten and artificial sweeteners. But naturally, cocoa (the main ingredient for chocolate) is good for the body.

How best can I store my chocolate bars?

Chocolate bars do not survive well in hot temperature. They can melt easily. So, always store them in a cool dry place. It

Can I store them in a refrigerator?

It is not advisable to store your chocolates in the refrigerator. This is because they have the tendency of absorbing other odors around them.

How do I know if a product is genuine?

Each product category has its own regulatory body, likewise chocolate bars. A genuine brand should have a clear indication of certification on their label. If there is no FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification or other popular certification, you are probably dealing with a fake brand.

What is the meaning of “organic” in chocolate bar labels?

The term “organic” means that the chocolate bar is made without the use of sewage sludge, synthetic pesticides, or conventional pesticides. The raw material (cocoa) is grown in the most natural way possible.

What is the ideal percentage of cocoa in a chocolate bar?

The cocoa content of a true quality chocolate bar should not be less than 60%. The ratio of cocoa compared to other ingredients should be higher.

What type of ingredients should I avoid in a chocolate bar?

Avoid any chocolate bar that is made with gluten. It should also not contain additives or artificial sweeteners. Look at their labels carefully before buying the right chocolate bar.

How do I find out the cocoa content in a chocolate bar?

Most brands actually list out the contents of their ingredients on the label. In most cases, they begin with the ingredient with the highest percentage.

Are chocolate bars with peanuts nutritionally safe?

Yes, they actually add a lot of nutrients to the whole bar. Apart from the nutritional benefits, peanuts can provide add a different kind of flavor to the chocolate bar.

What percentage of caffeine is ideal for a chocolate bar?

Chocolates usually have a very little amount of caffeine. However, dark chocolates have the highest concentration of caffeine. Generally, most companies keep the caffeine content at 6mg – 20mg per ounce.

How long do chocolate bars stay fresh?

Generally, organic chocolate bars can stay fresh for several weeks when stored on normal room temperature. A high temperature can cause it to melt, which is the major thing about chocolate bars.

Are there any allergies from consuming chocolate bars?

Chocolates are made with a substance that may contain cherry pits, wheat, dairy, or nuts. Some of these ingredients may cause some allergies to some people. This is why it is important to look at the product’s ingredients before buying anyone.

What are the health benefits of chocolate?

There are several benefits of consuming chocolate bars. However, this will depend on the variation of chocolate bar you are taking. Pure dark chocolate can improve brain function, reduce risk of heart disease, and improve blood flow.

Are there side effects of overindulgence on chocolate bars?

Yes, excessive consumption of chocolates can lead to some side effects. These include allergies, heartburn, and weight gain. However, most of these side effects can be avoided if you stick to chocolate bars made from organic cocoa.

What is the meaning of bean-to-bar?

This refers to the natural process of producing cocoa bars directly from raw cocoa beans.

What does single origin chocolate mean?

It means that all the cocoa used for a particular chocolate bar all came from the same source. It is sourced from a single scoop or a single estate. Single origin is a term used to geographically describe where the cocoa ingredient was grown.

Where can I see nutrition information?

It can be easily found at the product’s label or at each product pages from where you buy them as well as the cover of the chocolate bar it has on it. This information is readily available on Amazon or at the product’s website.

Why are some chocolate bars more expensive than others?

There are several factors that may raise or lower the price of a chocolate bar. The main reason for the high price is the type of ingredients used. Generally, most dark or organic cocoa chocolate bars are more expensive.

What are the best chocolate bars available in the market now?

There are good options for those who want bars with pure organic cocoa. These include

MOUNDS Dark Chocolate , Raw Rev Organic Superfood Bar, and Raw Crunch Bars

Where can I buy good quality chocolate?

There are good quality chocolate bars almost everywhere, whether online or offline. If you are looking to buy online, Amazon is the best destination for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Bars | How to Make Everything: Chocolate Bar

Final Thoughts

So, know you know which of the available chocolate bars the best are, and what kind of chocolate is being used to give the perfect chocolaty taste for the Choco lovers. Make sure to consider having a look onto the nutritional fact if you need to be concerned about calories intake.

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