10 Best Detox Drink For Drug Test in 2019

Many people need to find the best detox drink for drug test because of the fact, drugs may not leave the human body in a shorter time. Every time you intake drugs, these have a lasting impact on your body either through penetrating the blood composition, the muscles or throughout the body. You can feel its impact and if you do so, you should know it is there inside.

Drugs can be detected quite efficiently using blood tests and certain tools. To avoid getting into any sort of legal problems, you must be aware of cleansing and detox solutions to assure flushing out the drug effects as quickly as possible.

While choosing a detox drink that is best for a drug test, you may know that you have to flush your body from the drug components and should be aware of the consequences as well.

To avoid negative consequences and still get clear from the drug test, you may consider herbal compositions and ingredients that slowly but effectively cleanse your body and make your bodily systems free from drugs easily.

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Magnum Detox 32oz
Magnum Detox 32oz


Top 10 best detox drinks for a drug test

For your convenience, we have carefully sorted some of the best detox drinks to help you avoid issues and cleanse your body from the drug elements from your blood and bodily organs. Since it’s a sensitive issue, you must take good care about what you take and what you should avoid in order to get the best results.

#1. Magnum Detox 32oz

Magnum Detox is a specialized drink that safely cleanses the body system and flushes chemicals out of the body. It is a specialized formula that effectively flushes toxins, pollutants, and chemicals the body wants to get rid of. It also improves the body’s energy levels and enhances digestion.

Magnum Detox 32oz

Once it completes its job, you will be able to transform ill feelings and fatigue into health. Unlike other types of detox drinks, this one tastes good. But for this to work properly, you need to follow the instructions to the latter. They are simple instructions anyone can follow easily.

The product already comes with instructions for proper usage, so you are going to see results as long as you adhere to the instructions.

#2. Detoxify Mega Clean 32 oz

If you want to carry out a complete system cleansing, there may be no better detox drink than this. Detoxify Mega Clean works like a dietary supplement formulated for those who have a high amount of toxins in their systems. It has been formulated with strong and powerful ingredients that support the natural detoxification process of the body.

Detoxify Mega Clean 32 oz

When the right dosage is taken, it has the ability to cleanse your urinary systems, digestive systems, as well as your circulatory system. This leaves you with a safer and healthier body.

It is formulated with a lot of ingredients, including Vitamin A-D, chromium, manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, panthotenic, as well as biotin.

#3. Triple Teatox

Triple tea is packaged in three batches to give you the ultimate detox solution. The Tea Sommelier is made of completely organic ingredients with no side effects whatsoever. Then there is the Skinny Daytime tea that induces weight loss, improves energy levels, and suppresses cravings and appetite.

Triple Teatox

The Teatox Evening blend promotes digestion, flushes out toxins, reduces bloating, and completely detoxes the body.

And this isn’t the type of tea that gets you thinking about how you will manage to endure the taste. It tastes really nice like green tea. As a bonus, there is a small guide in the package to help you adhere strictly to the dose and administration.

#4. B.N.G. Herbal Clean QCARRBO16 Detox Orange

B.G.N is another properly formulated detox drink that actually gets the job done. A lot of inferior herbal products are in the market, but this one is different.

B.N.G. Herbal Clean QCARRBO16 Detox Orange

It cleanses completely, no matter how you were exposed. Those who are exposed to toxins because of lifestyles of environmental factors will have the same level of cleansing with this detox drink.

It contains 100% natural ingredients with blends of vitamins and minerals. It is a ready-made drink that is easy to take and works super fast in the body. If you are looking to cleanse your urinary and digestive system, this detox drink will do the job for you.

#5. Eliminex Premium

Eliminex is another highly effective detox drink that moves into an action super-fast. It takes care of all types of toxins from the digestive system of the body. The drink is formulated with a blend of minerals and herbs. This flushes out unwanted toxins in whatever forms, leaving your body healthy. In addition, it contains purely natural ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

Eliminex Premium

Eliminex detox drink doesn’t need more than a day to start eliminating all the dangerous substance from the body. If you really need a fast action against the toxins in your body, you should consider this detox drink. It works fine.

#6. Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox

If you are worried about the excessive toxins in your body or going for a blood test, this could be the perfect solution for you. Dirty cleanse Lemon Detox kicks out toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. If they are in your digestive tract, it flushes them out and leaves you with a healthier body.

Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox

This drink is formulated with purely organic ingredients, which include dandelion root, organic ginger, as well as real lemon.

It also contains volcanic charcoal that helps to completely cleanse the body. The detox drink can also be taken a few days before a drug test. It is strong enough to do a total cleansing of the body system.

#7. Rescue Ice Detox

The drink has been formulated to provide the best cleansing process that actually strengthens and activate the body’s natural cleansing process instead of affecting it severely. All the toxins and impurities can be cleaned and removed in a natural and non-harmful way so that the process is completed effectively in lesser time.

It offers a perfect blend of natural ingredients combined with the high-end scientific procedures for quick action results.

Rescue Ice Detox

#8. High Voltage Detox Drink

For every drug user who wants to get through the drug tests, it is essential to find the drinks or the detox solutions which offer quick-action detox results without harming the body or leaving any traces behind.

High Voltage Detox Drink

This High voltage fast flush liquid is made by using the perfect ingredients including Creatine and b-Vitamins that facilitate the flushing impact.

The unwanted impurities, toxins, and components are removed and the herbal composition work effectively to remove the toxins from the urinary tract.

The liquid starts taking effect within 30 minutes and will last for 7 hours. The timing and flushing impact depends on the intensity of the toxins and the metabolic rate of the person using it.

#9. Advanced Detox Solutions Immediate Cleanser

This is a concentrated solution of natural ingredients which combine to provide help in cleansing and flushing toxins from your blood and body in an effective manner. The formula is specially designed to provide help when your body needs immediate and effective detox without having any negative impact.

The advanced detox formula tastes fine and comes with a money back guarantee for helping you pass the drug test or drug urine test.

Advanced Detox Solutions Immediate Cleanser

#10. Ultra Klean - Ultra Mask

Available in Mandarin orange, wild berry and cherry red flavors, this detox drink helps in flushing out all the toxins and make sure to give your body an instant cleansing effect. With ultra-mask effect, you can easily use this detox drink with some water to get perfect results needed.

Ultra Klean - Ultra Mask

It also comes with money back guarantee for the sake of satisfaction of the consumer to attain the results they need.

Things to consider when buying detox drinks for a drug test

For most of the people who want to get the perfect detox solution in the form of the detox drinks that offer instant detox effects, there are certain things that should be kept in mind to avoid negative consequences:

Make sure to determine its effectiveness

Make sure to use the detox drinks that are specifically made to assure drug test clearance and are developed for such circumstances. Though natural and herbal detox drinks also work if they offer the most suitable ingredients in them like B-vitamins, creatine, etc.

Look for the usage options and time requires for the results

It is always better to look for harmless yet quick action detox drinks that dilute urine and remove toxins for keeping you away from trouble while taking the drug test.

Look out for the harmful substances

Make sure not to rely on severe or harsh chemicals and only choose herbal detox drinks that help you eliminate the drug impact from the blood and clear urine test when needed.

Immediate detox and relief from toxins are always mandatory and you may need to compare the time taken by the detox drinks to figure out which are the best and are capable of providing quick detox solutions.

Taste and texture

Most commonly the detox drinks are made with high-quality ingredients and are given the best flavor, taste, and texture so that people can drink them easily. Look for the flavor that you like the most to make it easy to use for your own good.

The FAQ for detox drinks for a drug test

Can I detox drugs while on medication?

Not exactly. Any mood-altering drugs should not be taken when detoxing for drug tests.

Will exercise help when using detox drugs?

If you are detoxing from alcohol and drugs, exercise may be counterproductive to the positive effect of the detox. You can hold off going to the gym until you complete your detox. Once it’s over, exercise can be highly helpful for drug cases involving addiction.

Can I combine different types of detox drinks for a drug test?

It is not advisable to combine detox drinks. It is better to stick to one formula until you are finally done with it. This will yield much better results and avoid complications or conflicting issues.

What are the best types of detox drinks for a drug test?

There are quite a good number of detox drinks that are quite effective. Some good examples are Eliminex Premium, Dirty Cleanse Detox, and Magnum Detox.

Will a detox drink work for substance abuse disorder?

No, it doesn’t provide any benefit for disorders resulting from substance abuse. Detox teas and detox drinks are not ideal for any form of abuse disorder. Instead, seek a medically monitored detox solution.

Does detox drinks completely cleanse the system?

Yes, some detox formulae are actually quite effective. But many will do a poor job. That’s why it’s important to search properly and choose the right one. The best detox drinks out there will cleanse all forms of toxins from the body.

What part of the body does the detox drinks for drug test cleanse?

The digestive system and urinary system are the two major systems in the body a detox drink will cleanse. Most of the drug tests are usually carried out through urine.

What type of toxins will a detox drink for drug test cleanse?

Generally, all forms of toxins your body has ingested or exposed to can be cleansed through detox.

What ingredients are the best detox drinks for drug tests made of?

The detox drinks that actually work are usually formulated with 100% herbal and organic ingredients.

How best can I prepare for detox?

You should avoid greasy or fatty foods. You should equally avoid high acidity drinks and caffeine to get your body well molded for detox. And of course, avoid all types of toxins. They will only delay or hinder the full impact of the detox drinks in the body. Then, drink a lot of water prior to your first detox session. It will help you prepare your body system for the actual detox cleansing.

Are there side effects linked with detox drinks for drug tests?

There are no known side effects if you are using the right product formulated with purely natural ingredients. However, those with certain allergies should first consult their healthcare provider before they start detoxing.

What quantity of water should I take with a detox drink for a drug test?

It may vary according to the type of detox drink you want to take. But the instruction on the product should be clear enough regarding how much water you need to take for the period.

With the detox drinks for drug test still, work even if I vomit?

It will still work if you vomit less than an hour after taking it. However, it's cleansing task will not be thorough enough or not even effective if you vomit an hour or a few hours after.

How do I make use of a detox drink from drug test correctly?

Most detox drinks usually have instructions guiding users on the best way and best time to take the detox.

How long does it take for a detox drink for drugs test to take effect?

Body cleaning generally begins after an hour for most drinks. But it may last for days before the entire body system has completely gotten rid of toxins. The exact time will largely depend on the number of toxins in the system.

Detox drinks for drug test

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Final Thoughts

Overall the detox drinks for drug test are made to provide assistance when a person needs to take a drug test in certain conditions and have to eliminate or flush out the toxins or traces of cannabis, marijuana, etc. For making sure, the drug tests are passed with no doubts or issues, you must start taking or take the detox drink as soon as possible a day prior to the test. It depends on the effectiveness of the detox drink and the person’s own metabolic activity that determines the results.

Most commonly, the detox drinks that are designed to give detoxification impact on drug users to clear the drug tests, provide instantly quick results so that the user gets rid of the toxins as early as possible and avoid any kind of allegations.

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