The Best Protein Powder for 2019

Did you know some of the best protein powder supplements that exist today? Does that offer the most balanced protein composition for everyone who needs a protein boost in their diet? Definitely, Proteins are important for a healthier body and to maintain a balanced body mass, they are extremely crucial and needed every day.

Due to the fact, not everyone knows the exact and the best-balanced level of protein needed to maintain the required body mass that is healthy and surely support good health, best protein powder supplements can provide everything you need.

To look for the best protein powder you need to look for its source, the type, and the overall nutritional aspect to assure the needed value it can give you with its everyday usage.

Make sure not to start taking a protein power without clearing your concerns about the selected type-according to your bodily needs. It is better to have a good quality protein powder that fits your daily protein consumption needs that can be determined by analyzing the weight and needed quantity and type protein to achieve your health goals.

Also, don’t forget to make sure you are not allergies to any of the sources and components of proteins that you will intake as per the Estimated daily dosage.

Top 10 best protein powder

Our Top Choices

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder
Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder
PlantFusion Plant-Based Protein Powder
PlantFusion Plant-Based Protein Powder

Optimum Gold Standard whey protein is a gluten free protein powder that helps kick start muscle recovery for both men and women. This protein powder delivers 4 grams of glutamine, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, as well as about 45 grams of whey protein.

With different flavor options to choose from this product, you will definitely find the best-flavored one for you.

In addition, the product mixes up nicely with a glass and spoon. Unlike some other protein powder products, Optimum Gold actually tastes nice. You will always have cravings for this shake after your routine workouts.

optimum whey protein powder is formulated with some great ingredients, including protein blend (whey peptides, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Whey protein isolate), Acesulfame potassium, as well as Soy Lecithin.

#2. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder

Ancient Nutrition bone broth Protein is another easy-to-mix and convenient chocolate powder that is highly absorbable. It is loaded with 100 calories and 20 grams of highly absorbable protein per serving. This product is gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy free.

In addition, it has 0 carbs, which is great for those who want to see quick results from their workout. It provides powerful nutrients which the body requires to thrive, such as chondroitin, glucosamine, gelatin, as well as collagen.

This protein powder has really made a breakthrough in protein supplementation as it provides the benefits of homemade bone broth with the taste of having chocolate powder in it.

You can easily mix the powder in juices, smoothies, or as protein shakes. And it tastes great too.

#3. PlantFusion Plant-Based Protein Powder

For those vegetarians who want to enjoy the benefits of protein powders, here is an option for you. PlantFusion is a completely plant-based protein powder that delivers the same nutrients as other premium quality Whey proteins.

It is loaded with 21 grams of plant-based proteins such as organic superfoods, algae, artichokes, as well as peas.

This product does not contain colors, artificial flavors, shellfish, tree nuts, fish, nuts, eggs, rice, whey, soy, or dairy.

So, if you are looking for a purely natural product that does not contain any animal product, you are welcome to try this protein powder. Moreover, the vanilla flavored powder makes it enticing to take as shakes, smoothie, or mixed in a juice.

#4. Pure Protein Powder

Here is another gluten-free protein powder for Whey protein lovers. And if you love the taste of vanilla cream, you will love this one too. Those who are trying to stay fit need a supplement that can help them reach their goals. Pure Protein Powder surely helps you support that healthy lifestyle you crave.

The pure protein powder does not contain any additives or artificial sweeteners that may be bad for the health.

Whether you’re focused on becoming an active bodybuilder or just want to consolidate on your muscle gains, this product gives you that energy.

It helps to attain lean muscle gains and fitness goals. The vanilla flavor of the powder gives a great taste as well.

#5. Nature's Bounty Protein Powder

Nature’s Optimal Solutions is a whole protein and vitamin shake that gets you the needed strength for your recovery after each workout. Taking this protein powder regularly surely has a lot of benefits, including muscle health, energy metabolism, bone health, as well as for healthy skin.

Another good thing about the protein powder is that it blends well and quickly for instant consumption. And if you are concerned about its safety contents, Nature’s Bounty protein powder is formulated without gluten or other artificial ingredients.

In addition, the vanilla flavor of this particular product makes it taste good. If you are looking for the right protein powder to help you with your bodybuilding goals, you should consider this one.

#6. MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

MusclePharm protein powder is formulated for athletes looking for strength support, muscle growth, and optimized recovery. Recovery time after workouts can be annoyingly slow, which may affect your overall progress. But with this formula, you can easily recover your strength and energy. This will help you reach your training and workout goals in little time. That is exactly what this protein powder can help you achieve.

The powder is formulated with 25 grams of protein from 5 distinct sources. They include both slow and fast-digesting proteins that fuel muscles and deliver performance for several hours.

This MusclePharm protein powder also mixes easily and goes well with vegetables, fruits, milk, water, and almond milk. It is great for nice tasting shakes and smoothies.

#7. Muscle Milk Protein Powder

Athletes who want to get the best out of their workouts should take the right protein powder for maximum support. Muscle Milk provides the right muscle and nutritional support for both male and female.

This protein powder can be used as daily snacks to help in augmenting your nutritional needs. It is also great before or after workouts to help you maintain your fitness goals.

However, since it contains soy, wheat, and milk, it may not be suitable for vegetarians and some other types of individuals.

But if you don’t have any issues with these ingredients in your protein supplement, Muscle milk is always a great choice for improved energy.

#8. Vega One Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

You can always begin your day with a drink of completely plant-based protein powder. The ingredients provide similar benefits of Whey protein in the body. However, unlike whey protein, these are all sourced from plants.

Vega contains ingredients such as omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and multisource protein. This product is in a purely organic form, so you have no worries about additives.

One unique thing about Vega One is the different sources of nutrients all from plants. The vegan protein powder is also formulated with Vitamin A (made from carrot juice) and Vitamin C (made from cherry juice).

So apart from helping you maintain proper weight, there are other nutritional benefits you will enjoy from this product.

#9. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

If you are looking for zero carb protein powder that supports strength and the muscles, Isopure will be a great choice. It’s a Whey protein isolate that helps support your active lifestyle. It also provides the necessary support for your ketogenic macros. In addition, it is free of lactose and glutton.

The protein powder can be taken along with a healthy breakfast, in between meals, or after workouts. However you want to take the product, it will yield the needed results within a short time.

The no carb content will definitely help those who want to watch their calorie intake. It may not taste as great as some other flavored protein powders, but you will get the maximum health benefits

#10. Ascent Native Whey Protein Powder

Here is another Whey protein product that provides good nutritional benefits and tastes great as well. Ascent protein powder is formulated with rapidly digesting protein which begins its job almost immediately. It is ideal to take immediately after workouts.

This will help you recover speedily. Unlike other products in the market, Ascent Native protein powder is completely safe as it does not contain flavors or any artificial ingredients.

Other important ingredients include monk fruit extract, alkali processed cocoa, whey protein isolate, as well as soy lecithin.

It contains 5.7 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs and 25 grams of protein per serving. It also contains 12 grams of essential amino acids as well as 2.7 grams of Leucine. Interestingly, protein powder tastes great and blends easily.


Question: What quantity of protein powder could I intake on a daily basis?

Answer: As per the experts, it is recommended to intake a maximum of 1 gram or 0.5 to 1 gram per pound of the body weight. The quantity may vary depending on the type of activities and fitness related goals. However, the quantity should not exceed the maximum recommended amount.

Question: Does protein powder help in building muscles faster?

Answer: This is true to some extent only. All dietary protein types are not known to contribute to the protein synthesis process. Once enough proteins are consumed for driving protein synthesis, the body then oxidizes proteins, thus giving more energy. Protein intake more than 30 percent of the daily calories consumption might not give additional benefits in the muscle building process, but it cuts your carbohydrates and fats intake.

Question: Which is the best protein source?

Answer: The - is quite subjective. The best protein source is the one that has all 9 types of essential amino acids. The majority of the animal protein sources such as those coming from meat, eggs, poultry, milk, and eggs are known to be complete and great sources of protein. The main reason for this source to be of quality is because they are known to be excessively bio-available and contains the entire set of building blocks that you would need. Moreover, quality of protein can be measured in a number of different ways including the total protein utilization, biological value, and PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acids Score). The PDCAAS evaluation is approved by the FDA for determining the quality of proteins. PDCAAS score of 1 is considered as the best.

Question: Does a higher protein diet affect my kidneys?

Answer: Protein enriched diets should always be avoided by people going through chronic kidney disease. This has been proved through an authentic study, which was published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. For healthy folks with no kidney-related illness, excessive protein intake should not be a threat at all to kidneys. However, it is advised to keep your protein intake quantity reasonable and make sure to consume lots of water to counteract any possible loss of water in the body.

Question: Is protein powder more beneficial for endurance athletes or weight lifters?

Answer: Many people are definitely of the opinion that protein powders are more preferable for weightlifters in comparison with the endurance athletes as the former requires more strengthening of their muscles as compared to the latter. This - could be best understood in every different case. Endurance athletes on heavy training simply require more protein as they have excessive energy needs. On the other side, the competitive weightlifters, especially those in the competitions require an extraordinary quantity of protein and calories. Therefore, this is a subjective - and it all depends on a particular situation and each one could require it more than the other depending on the body needs and requirements.

Question: Why whey protein is the best of all protein powders?

Answer: Whey protein is known to be of high-quality protein as compared to the regular whey, soy, milk or egg, etc. As it also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), so this helps in preserving lean muscles between diets or workout sessions. Moreover, whey protein powder is also considerably lower in fat, carbs, and calories and this makes it ideal for dieters.

As per practical experience, whey also digests very easily and much quicker than any other protein powder type. It is also very useful for people who are lactose intolerant. Finally, this protein type tastes very good, even if you use it with water.

Question: Should I take protein powder before or after my training/ workout session?

Answer: Protein powder of any type is versatile enough to be consumed any time before or after your training/ workout session and gives similar benefits. However, there are some protein consumers who prefer to take it an hour before their workout session so that they could gain energy and carb to provide muscle support. On the other head, consuming protein after a workout could help in replenishing the drained energy and also support in the recovery process.

Question: Can I consider consuming protein powder when I am on a paleo diet?

Answer: It has been noted that quite a few people who are more inclined towards a paleo diet prefer the 23grams or 35grams protein shakes. This is preferred because such protein shakes are excessively high in protein and also have a good carbohydrate profile. On top of that, there are multiple pure protein powders that are rich in nutrients. On the paleo diet, dairy-based protein powders are considered to be the most beneficial.

Question: Why do I struggle in properly dissolving my protein powder?

Answer: Protein powder usually is not dissolved easily and requires a bit of an effort or technique. The best approach to follow here is to add in supplementary liquid at the time of mixing the powder. If you still struggle with this, then the next best option should be to use a blender or a shaker cup for making it mix thoroughly.

Question: Is real food lesser beneficial than the protein powder?

Answer: Certainly not and the usage of any source entirely depends on your needs, preferences, and circumstances. It is definitely not encouraged at all to source all your protein needs through any of your preferred protein powder. Ideally, both the protein powder supplements and the actual food (whole food) should be considered with a nice balance between them. Protein powder will help you with the benefits of immune boosting with quick digestion ability. On the flipside, whole food items provide an excellent profile of supplementary nutrients and essential micronutrients for the body such as iron, zinc, and magnesium, etc.

Question: Can protein shakes be used as a replacement meal?

Answer: No, protein shakes are not at all intended to be consumed as a replacement meal. Protein shakes are ideally consumed in between meals.

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Final Thoughts

Considering all the aspects and benefits, we can assure that we have found some of the best types of protein powder supplements here, and you can surely pick the one that most suitable according to your physical needs and expected health goals. Just make sure to pick the right one from the best in the above-mentioned list, and you will surely be going good with the best results you need.

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