Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series Review

Treadmills are becoming very popular to have at home for enhancing or maintaining fitness. Professionals especially don’t have much time for gym so treadmill gives them the fitness liberty from the comfort of their home.

Weslo Cadence treadmill is a good deal for all fitness enthusiasts due to a number of are universal features that are must-to-have in such equipment.

It is reliable and space-efficient with several customized features to support your training needs, along with the ergonomics that you desire in such a sophisticated machine. Both men and women could exploit to try multiple trainer workouts that allow to burn fat quickly and get the best desirable fitness.
Not only this, but the control panel/ display allows users to completely dominate the machine with all their fitness needs.

Personal Trainer Workouts

The users of the machine can completely eliminate the guesswork in training by making full use of the 6 x distinct personal training workouts. The programs are specially designed to adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill so that you could set the machine to operate at a certain desirable intensity. This allows you to burn fat and enhances motivation to lo lose weight in a legitimate amount of time.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Heart Rate Monitor gives the heart rate reading with precision by just connecting your thumb with the Easy Pulse sensor. The sensor is built conveniently in the console. This assures to provide all the details about your heart rate, that you need to know while walking on it.

LCD with Priority Display

You have the luxury of tracking your workout results in detail through the tinted blue LCD display, which makes even the smaller details very easy to read. The display will provide you information about the time, speed, distance and the number of calories burned. This will give comprehensive progress of the workout you do.

Space-Saving Design

The treadmill has a space saver design and it will occupy very limited space in your room. You could also move it easily if required. Even better, the treadmill could also fold up easily so that you could comfortably store it in a compact place. If you have a compact space, it will fit in easily without leaving your place overloaded or without covering unnecessary space.

Incline Positions

The unit offers 2 x distinct incline positions to set it as per the intensity of the workout required. You can adjust as per your needs, whether to put in more effort to add some extra-impact while you do your workout, or keep it a routine workout.

Cell Cushioning

The manufacturer provided this Weslo Cadence treadmill with comfortable cell cushioning. This is important in order to reduce any stress on the joints and also enhances the comfort in a workout with the specialized deck of the equipment. The treadmill offers a steady and customized tread position for improved results without draining all your energy.
The unit is essentially designed with cushioning layer in order to offer maximum possible absorption for stride impact. You can comfortably with a balanced walk on the tread. With such a setting, any injury chances are considerably reduced, if not eliminated completely.


  • The multifaceted unit offers 2 x incline positions
  • The cell cushioning ensures lesser stress on joints with minimal injury chances
  • The LCD display offers easy reading of all critical workout details
  • 6 different workouts can be tried on the treadmill
  • Heart rate monitor provides accurate heart readings with Easy Pulse sensor
  • The unit can foldup with easy for easy storage and portability


  • Deck too narrow for overweight people
  • Assembling the unit upon arrival is a bit tricky

The Weslo Cadence G 5 treadmill is a complete workout solution to have at home. It comes with multiple personal trainer workouts with variable speed and inclines positions. You will like it for its amazing display panel and the heart rate monitoring feature.

The cell cushioning of the unit ensures lesser fatigue of the joints and space-efficient design makes it a suitable option for small rooms or houses. Finally. You might need to make some efforts to assemble it the first time and remember, too fat people might not fit in this narrow deck treadmill.

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