Not Just Detoxification: A Baetea Gentle Detox Tea Review

Most detox tea products act in the same way as laxatives to stimulate purging and consequently; detoxification. Baetea Gentle Detox Tea claims not just to provide that but also cleansing, energizing and even help in weight loss. How these different things could be possible and packed in one teabag will be the highlight of this Baetea Gentle Detox Tea review.

Based on both product and user claims, Baetea Gentle Detox Tea is comparable to a dietary and nutritional supplement. It’s a blend of organic herbs and natural ingredients that provides essential nutrients for detoxification, cleansing, weight loss and the increase of energy levels.

Choosing the right detox tea means finding one that doesn’t upset the balance of your bodily functions. Keep in mind that not all detoxifying teas share the same nutritional or medicinal properties. The key in helping you choose the right detox tea relies on the main ingredients. It can also provide better understanding on how a particular detox tea works on your body.


Baetea Gentle Detox Tea

Baetea Gentle Detox Tea has a lot of ingredients, it’s not hard to see how its claims could be true based on that. Below are the ingredients and some information on their health benefits:



Green Tea Leaf

Lemon Juice

Oolong Wu Yi Leaf

Sea Salt

Rooibos Leaf

Citric Acid


Stevia Powder

Guarana Seed

Natural Flavors

Matcha Green Tea

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Ginger Root

Green Tea Leaf - green tea contains active compounds that stimulate fat-burning hormones which also boost metabolism. Its caffeine content; although 80% less compared to a cup of coffee, is enough to create a mild effect in synergy with the other compounds.

Oolong Wu Yi Leaf - stimulates the body in the same way as Green tea but contains more caffeine. Some research suggests that Oolong Wu Yi Leaf tea helps in lowering blood sugar levels and prevent high blood pressure.

Rooibos Leaf - caffeine-free and particularly low in tannin; a natural compound that often interferes with the absorption of some key nutrients like iron.

Pomegranate - not just the fruit but its peel, plant bark and leaves are known to be used in providing relief from, and sometimes cure, digestive problems. It also is a great source of iron which reduces exhaustion, weakness and dizziness.

Guarana Seed - used to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from diarrhea to fatigue and even arthritis. However, Guarana seeds are a particularly great source of energy, studies suggest that not only does it increase mental awareness and elevate the mood it also aids the central nervous system in preventing fatigue and muscle stress.

Matcha Green Tea - another reliable source of antioxidants, Matcha Green Tea also helps to protect the liver. A study shows that green tea extract can significantly reduce liver enzyme levels. The levels of liver enzymes can indicate how healthy the liver is; elevated levels pertain to greater liver damage.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract - better known as Brindleberry or Malabar Tamarind. Garcinia cambogia extract contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). When the body is in excess of certain enzymes, metabolism slows down and instead of converting calories into energy it stores it as fats instead. HCA prevents production of these enzymes, which also prevents calories from turning into fat.

Ginger Root - an ancient root used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Ginger root’s health benefits are wide-ranged and impressive. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce bad cholesterol, boosts the immune system, promote a healthier digestive system is antioxidant-rich.

There’s a lot to consider in this Baetea Gentle Detox Tea review, given that it has many beneficial claims and the individual health benefits of ingredients are convincing. Before moving on to that discussion, here’s something to address the confusion surrounding cleansing and detoxing: The terms are often used interchangeably and believed to be the same but these processes are two different things, working in different ways, that shares a similar, general outcome; a healthier body.

Detoxifying Purpose

Detoxing is a natural activity that the human body can do all on its own with the help of its main detox organs; kidneys and liver. Detox programs, detox teas and detox exercises are all made only to help maintain the health of these organs. The goal is keep them in optimal function.

Its ingredients are high in antioxidants and contain necessary medicinal properties to help flush out toxins, and keep the liver and kidneys healthy. Long-time users of Beatea Gentle Detox tea claim to have achieved regularized bowel movements. There’s also a noticeable reduction in back pains/ cramps, which is a common symptom that usually indicate kidney problems.

The only thing Beatea could stand to improve, compared to other detox teas, is adjusting the ingredients for more detoxifying-focused effects.

Cleansing Purpose

Cleansing is a process that primarily focuses on the cleaning and maintenance of the digestive tract. That means helping to effectively remove waste products from the colon. It’s usually achieved by changing your diet; hydrating more, removing processed foods and reducing foods that are allergenic, high in fat, high in sugar, high in cholesterol and so on.

Beatea Gentle Detox Tea contains natural ingredients and no added preservatives. There are claims on it reducing bloating, nausea and cramping which indicates improvement in the digestive system.

The only disadvantage to be noticed is it not having certifications or being approved by FDA, which is the usual in supplements.

Energizing Purpose

Most energizing tea blends contain a lot of caffeine. People often drink spicy or strong-flavored tea to boost energy levels like Oolong Tea and Black Tea with Peppermint. Beatea Gentle Detox tea’s main energizing ingredients are Oolong Wu Yi leaf and Guarana seeds.

Because of the caffeine content provided by Oolong Wu Yi and Green leaf, Baetea Gentle Detox tea does provide an energy boost. Some consumer reports feeling a temporary surge of extra energy. It’s a particularly advantageous for people who want to get a head start in their morning routine. There are also claims of being in a more uplifted mood.

Some users only claim to feel some improvement on their mood, but nothing significant in terms of a permanent increase in their usual energy levels.

Weight-loss Purpose

Most people go into detoxification and cleansing programs to achieve a healthier body. Excessive weight could lead to health problems.

People often drink Green tea to help lose weight, it’s also a key ingredient in most weight-loss tea blends so it’s no wonder Baetea Gentle Detox added it into the blend. Majority of consumer reviews claim noticeable weight loss over the course of a month of using Baetea Gentle Detox Tea, which is surprising for a primarily detox tea.

It seems to be more known and used for its ability to help in weight loss than in detoxing. It doesn’t quite to live up to its name – gentle detox tea. 


To conclude this Baetea Gentle Detox Tea review; this product undoubtedly contains the right ingredients to help aid in detoxing, cleansing and weight loss. If there’s an obvious dominant quality in this particular tea, it is its ability to help lose weight or prevent further weight gain. In any case, Beatea Gentle Detox tea offers more than just detoxification.

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