Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea Review

In the fast-paced lives that we lead today, where we are constantly multitasking and racing against time, we seldom pause to think about the toll that stress is taking on our bodies. Over time, with unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper rest and stress, our bodies begin to rebel and may well be the harbinger of numerous lifestyle diseases. An easy way to prevent falling prey to such lifestyle diseases is by making a conscious choice to detoxify the body and revitalise the mind by consuming a detox tea.

A detox tea such as the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea is one such tea that can help you get started on a journey of detoxification. The Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea is a high quality 100% herbal blend of tea made with a host of natural ingredients such as senna, lemongrass, milk thistle, honey bush, rose hip, dandelion, burdock, fennel, ginger, orange and grapefruit peels and black walnut.

If your work or lifestyle is taking a toll on your health and you simply cant shake off the feeling of lethargy despite your best efforts, it is time to consider cleansing through detoxification. And what is easier than consuming a cup of rejuvenating cuppa of the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea to get started on the process of detoxification? The Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea flushes out the toxins, purifies the blood and enhances the digestive functions of the body.

Noticeable changes after daily consumption

Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea Review

Although the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea does make any weight loss claims, you are most likely to notice some changes in your body by way of inch loss or may have even shed off a few pounds after regular consumption of this tea for 14 continuous days.

Merely, two or three days after drinking a cup of Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea you will begin to notice changes in your system such as greater energy to go about your daily tasks and less bloating that perhaps made you sluggish and lethargic and made you feel fat.

If this is your first experience of consuming a detox tea, it is recommended that you begin with a weaker blend by infusing half a teaspoon of tea leaves directly into boiling water for merely 2-3 minutes. You can even add a dash of honey to the blend to begin with. Once you get used to the taste you can gradually escalate to a stronger blend by infusing the tea leaves of the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea for a total of 3-5 minutes.

Refresh and rehydrate through detoxification

The best time to drink this infusion is in the morning, preferably before you are heading out for a workout or a run around the block. Drinking a cup of Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea before a workout is likely to have a better impact on your workout and you will begin to feel the difference in energy levels soon. The Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea is so designed not just to benefit your body but make a noticeable difference to your skin too!

The process of detoxification is especially beneficial to those who have acne prone skin. Daily consumption of this tea will clean up your skin considerably and you will feel that your face feels more healthy and rejuvenated.

As mentioned earlier, the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea consists of 100% natural ingredients each of which work towards cleansing the impurities that have accumulated in your body in the form of toxins over months or even years! The thing about toxins is that they drive your body to a certain comfort zone where you continue with unhealthy habits oblivious of the fact that the healthy cells are under threat and may be dangerous over the long term.

A word of caution

Thus when you embark upon a detoxification process by drinking the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea, it is not unlikely for your body to send out some signals of rejection initially. You may feel like retching or experience some bodily discomfort right at the beginning. However, as suggested earlier if your begin with a weaker blend and train your body and mind to get acclimatised to the taste, the detoxification process by consuming a cup of the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea can be smooth sailing for you.

Lastly, but not the least, it is important to bear in mind that the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea contains several natural ingredients including senna. Senna is a natural medicine that can irritate the lining of the bowel and cause a laxative effect. Thus, if you are pregnant, nursing or have any other health conditions that requires you take medication on a daily basis, it is advisable to consult your doctor before you go on a detoxification process with the Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea.

Mark Lamplugh Jr. is a fourth generation firefighter and former captain with the Lower Chichester (PA) Fire Company. He is now the Vice President of Business Development with Solid Landings Behavioral Health. He is nationally recognized in Crisis Stress Intervention through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Mark has placed and referred hundreds of firefighters, police officers, EMS personal and civilians nationwide. He can be reached for comment at mark.lamplugh@solidlandingsbehavioralhealth.com