Total Tea Detox Tea Review

Is it possible to lose weight quickly using tea? Total Tea Detox Tea promises to flush out all the toxins in the body. It has many natural ingredients that may help your digestion and overall health.

Many people have tried it and expressed their delight in the product. But, does it actually work? In this Total Tea Detox Tea Review, you’ll find the details and what it can do for your body.

Continue reading to know more about Total Tea Detox Tea and if it really works. You’ll also find information about detoxing and what you should do before you start.

Detox teas are becoming popular because of their benefits. But, you should be ready for some of its side effects and disadvantages.

Can promote weight loss

Many ingredients in detox tea such as green tea can expel excess weight. Caffeine in some detox teas may also trigger the body to remove weight through expelling water.

May help digestion

Detox teas are also well-known to have laxative effects. Some ingredients like Senna can soften stools which may help you when you’re constipated.

Can detoxify the body

The main purpose of drinking detox teas is to remove the harmful toxins in the body. Many ingredients in detox teas can help eliminate the toxins which make you unhealthy.

Might cause diarrhea

Because of the powerful laxative components in detox teas, it’s possible to experience diarrhea. This would likely happen if it’s your first time to drink detox teas.

Can cause dehydration

When drinking detox teas, it’s important to increase the intake of water. If not, there’s a chance that you’ll get dehydrated. This may also lead to a decrease in electrolyte levels.

How to Prepare Your Body for Detoxing

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If you’re planning to start drinking detox teas, it’s best to prepare yourself for it. If you’re drinking detox tea without changing your whole diet, you won’t get the full benefits of it.

Here are a few tips to prepare for your body for detoxing.

  • Intake more water into your diet. Your day should start with a large glass of water. Make sure it’s lukewarm and squeeze some fresh lime or lemon in it. This will boost your metabolism and digestion.
  • Add cleansing teas to your diet every day. Choose one that has ingredients you’re not allergic to and that’ll fit your diet regimen.
  • Incorporate lots of steamed or raw green leafy vegetables into your diet. They’ll help your detoxification.
  • Instead of store-bought snacks, eat more organic fruits instead. This is a healthier filler for in-between meals.
  • Reduce eating meat and animal products especially red and processed meat. There are other food options to get protein.
  • When eating seafood, avoid high-mercury ones like mackerel or tuna. Try going for shrimp, scallops, and anchovies.

To learn more on how to detoxify your body, here’s a video from Natural Cures on some simple ways to detox your body.


Total Tea Detox Tea is one of the popular brands for many reasons. Unlike other teas that often taste bitter, the Total Tea has a fresh and minty flavor. It has a more appealing taste that may quickly pick up your mood from a stressful day.

One of the main features of this tea is that it contains 10 anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some include papaya, peppermint, and hibiscus. People sensitive to caffeine may enjoy the benefits of Total Tea. It doesn’t contain any green tea or other ingredients with caffeine.

The effects of Total Tea may kick in differently for every person. Some may feel changes as quickly as 1 to 3 days. But, others may take a longer time. It may depend on the weight, age, or diet of a person.

It’s recommended to take the tea in the morning and evening. But, you may want to start this when you don’t need to go out. In the first few days, you might have some bowel disturbances because of the laxative effects.

But once your body gets used to it, you may experience better bowel movements. It’s also important to drink more water and lessen the intake of the tea if you feel that the effects are too strong.



Caffeine and gluten-free:

The Total Tea Detox Tea can fit any kind of diet. It doesn’t contain any ingredients with gluten and caffeine.

May cause diarrhea
Despite the anti-inflammation properties in contains, Senna may be too powerful for some people. Before experiencing its beneficial effects, you may have some bowel discomforts at first.

Appealing taste

The taste of this detox tea is more appetizing compared to other detox teas. It doesn’t have any bitter taste. Instead, it’s refreshing and minty that can remove stress instantly.

It may be better to stay at home for the first few days of drinking Total Tea. You may experience frequent visits to the comfort room once you start drinking it.

Improves digestion and can lift constipation symptoms
It contains Senna which is a powerful herb that can relieve constipation. It’s known to soften stools to improve digestion.

Contains many anti-inflammatory components
If you have any diseases that include inflamed organs, this may help relieve the symptoms.

USDA Certified Organic and QAI certified (Quality Assurance International).
Decaffeinated using CO2 processing; it’s all-natural and toxin-free.

Yogi Detox Tea’s price is considerable. With the long-term company’s reliability and the numerous ingredient content, it seems worth the price. It’s also somewhat more affordable than most popular tea brands with the same blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anybody drink detox tea?

It’s important to consult a doctor before taking detox teas. Detox teas may contain ingredients that you’re allergic to. Also, some people may have too sensitive digestive tracts. Taking a powerful detox tea may become harmful to the health in this case.

2. Is it okay to drink detox tea every day?

This would depend on your body and the effects of the tea. If you notice that you’re becoming too uncomfortable once you’ve started drinking detox tea, you may want to stop it or lessen the intake. It’s also advisable to consult a doctor if you see any harmful changes in your body.

3. Is preparing detox tea different from regular teas?

Every detox tea has recommended preparation steps on the packaging. It’s better to follow the steps for each tea. The amount of water and seeping time may be the different aspects with its preparation.

Final Verdict

In this Total Tea Detox Tea review, it’s clear why it became quite popular. It doesn’t have caffeine which is already a big plus for the product. Anybody can enjoy the pure benefits of the tea without much side effects.

Still, it’s important to be cautious especially when it’s your first time trying detox teas. Observe the changes and any side effects that pop up. Once you feel that it’s causing more harm than good, it’s best to discontinue the use.

Nevertheless, you may not have many problems with the Total Tea Detox Tea. Just make sure to pair it with a healthy detoxifying diet and lots of water.

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