For Family

As a family member, you only want to give your loved one the best chance at recovery and sobriety. You probably have a million questions, beginning with “where do we to start?”

The best candidate for rehabilitation is a person who acknowledges his or her addiction and is ready to make a change. Entering rehab can certainly be an overwhelming prospect, with questions ranging from “how will I pay for it?” to “will I truly be able to overcome my addiction?”

Solid Landings Behavioral Health would like to be your partner in bringing recovery and sobriety to your child. Our recovery counselors will work with you and your child to provide confidential assessment that would help you make a decision. The following are some common questions and answers parents may ask about rehabilitation at Solid Landings Behavioral Health:

​​​​How does rehab work?

How long is rehab?

How much does it cost?

Do you accept insurance?