15 Best Addiction Recovery Books for 2019

Need to know about the best addiction recovery books? You can find a lot of help in treating your addictive behavior from the proven resources and books written by experts and people who have fought their own battles against addiction in a way or another.

Here we are going to introduce and discuss some of the helpful resources that have helped many people already and will be helpful for our readers who are looking for help as well:

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The Big Book of Alcoholics

As a best-selling book on addiction recovery, Big Book of Alcoholics helps those addicted to alcohol to actually understand what they need to do to come off it. The book is also applicable to those who are suffering from gambling addiction, sex addiction, marijuana, as well as heroin addiction. There have been thousands of testimonies by former addicts who completely stopped after reading and practicing the guidelines in the book.

It teaches practical steps that are very effective. Those who want to help their close friends and family members stop addiction can read the book too. It’s a self-help process that includes a twelve-step process to help individuals completely get rid of their addiction.

The good thing about the Big Book of Alcoholics is the fact that it doesn’t only teach people how to stop alcoholic addiction. It offers advice on the best way to cope during recovery.

#2.This Naked Mind

This Naked Mind

Author Annie Grace presented this book as self-help guide to help individuals successfully navigate through their addiction recovery process. While some books will only stir people’s resolve to change their lifestyle, this book provides practical steps that will guide them actually succeed in their desire to quit permanently. It has helped thousands of people have a positive mindset towards leaving their engrossed relationship with alcohol.

It has both the paperback version and audible narration. The later version puts everything into perspective. The narrator was genuine in explaining the best ways to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

It helps addicts prepare their mindset to completely forget their indulgence in alcohol for good. Those who want to help others come out of addiction will gain a lot of information from the book.

#3.Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr's

Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr's

Smoking is one form of addiction that a lot of people find very difficult to quit. But the way Allen Carr has put explained, it will be easier to recover completely from addiction when the steps in this book are followed.

Allen himself was a former smoker who consumed 100 sticks of cigarettes per day. He ended his smoking habit in a dramatical fashion, which gave birth to this number one best-selling book.

There is nothing better than listening to someone who has passed through the exact same experience you are passing through. This book has sold more than 20 million copies. It has helped thousands of addicts completely do away with their smoking habit.

As self-help book, it provides s a simple and drug-free approach that is very easy to follow. The steps outlined in the book have helped many discontinue their habit. It will continue to help thousands of others who will follow exactly the steps in the book.

#4.Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

This guide covers virtually all type of addiction. Although there are different levels of addiction, this book by Russell Brand explains, in simple and clear terms, how best to pull away from the shackles of addiction.

It goes further to provide self-help solutions to complete recovery. The period of addiction recovery can be a very challenging one. This book explains the emotional, physiological, and psychological problems individuals may face. It also provides a solution on how to deal positively with these problems.

Those who have struggled with food, fame, sex, alcohol, and heroin will learn a lot from this book. It has helped thousands of addicted individuals to recover completely.

The Author is a practiced yogi and therapy regular who has coached a lot of addicts and helped them gain their freedom from addiction.

#5.Breathing Under Water

Breathing Under Water

This is an inspirational book with a 12-step process on how to completely stop addiction and recover fully from it. The guide provides in-depth guide and dabbles into the philosophical and religious aspect of changing their lives. The author, Richard Rohr, is a long-term motivational teacher who has helped many people take a giant leap out of their addiction.

It provides advice and solution to those seeking transformation and rehabilitation after passing through a prolonged period of addiction. The self-help guide will help those who seek comfort by overindulging in alcohol. It provides necessary steps for them to recover. It also explains how to channel their inner self to productive ventures that will help them completely forget their drug or alcohol indulgence.

#6.Melody Beattie’s Codependent

Melody Beattie’s Codependent

This book by Melody Beattie has been the game-changer for so many people with various levels of addiction.

Codependent is another self-help that is quite unique in its way of helping others understand how to deal with their demons. It explains how those who are too dependent on various forms of addictive issues can come off it.

The book will help anyone see the clear picture of things that have stuck on their way for long. It opens a broad new way to deal with character suppressants and other things that make someone crave for more indulgence.

Whether you are suffering from a serious addiction issue or know someone who does, the book will help a great deal.

#7.The Heart of Recovery

The Heart of Recovery

Heart of Recovery is an inspirational piece by Doug Bopst that provides practical pathways to addiction recovery. It provides insights indoor what a genuine recovery schedule should be.

There are several contributors to the book, who poured out their addiction experiences at various stages of their lives. They shared their experiences during their indulgence stage, how they began their recovery process, and how they felt afterward. Apart from being informative, it is inspiring too.

These true stories have inspired many to quit and completely recover from their indulgence in alcohol and drugs. It is educative, informative, as well as inspiring. The book provides a great insight into understanding how best to recover from various forms of addiction.

#8.A Happier Hour

A Happier Hour

In a Happier hour, Rebecca Weller guides readers towards discovering the ultimate truth when it comes to staying happy. It’s a true life story she poured out in this book to help others who are passing through what she has gone through.

This inspiring, moving, and the heartfelt story has been a source of inspiration to many people who have battled with one form of addiction or the other.

The book provides insights on how best to deal with a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. It will help addicts discover how best to deal with their situation. It also provides practical guidelines on how to recover completely and stay free.

Those who have friends or family they want to help can take inspiration and guideline from this book.

#9.Courage to Change

Courage to Change

Courage to change is a daily guide for those who want to transform their addiction lives and welcome positive change. It has daily meditations and advice offered by someone who has seen everything. The author of the book, Al-Anon, comes from an alcoholic home. Indulgent in alcohol became a part of life for her. But through sheer grit and a strong desire to quit, she finally gave up on her relationship with alcohol.

The book does not just focus on the addiction aspect. But it touches all related areas such as dealing with insecurity, doubt, confusion, and low self-esteem.

The book does not just focus on the addiction aspect. But it touches all related areas such as dealing with insecurity, doubt, confusion, and low self-esteem.

Those with these emotional and psychological feelings can find solutions and deal with their issues when they read this book. In turn, it will help to sustain their recovery from addiction.

#10.Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is another alternative to 12 step program for those who want a systematic approach to recovery from addiction. The author Noah Levine presents this book in an inspiring way for anyone to follow easily.

It shows how meditative awareness can reduce the strong cravings for drugs and alcohol. It also explores the conditions and causes of addiction and offers advice on the best way to deal with them.

A lot of people have stopped their addictive tendencies at one point or the other. But they finally went back again. This book will provide insight on how to hold forth and stand on their ground to quit completely. The author wrote the book with Buddhist principles to help addicts quit completely.

A lot of people have stopped their addictive tendencies at one point or the other. But they finally went back again. This book will provide insight on how to hold forth and stand on their ground to quit completely. The author wrote the book with Buddhist principles to help addicts quit completely.

#11.The Language of Letting Go

The Language of Letting Go

Here is another moving self-recovery book that chronicles the experience of a former addict. The daily meditations have helped a lot of people deal with their drug and alcohol dependency.

The author tells her life experience and how she was able to get a grip of herself to stop her addictive habit. It is an interesting read that has motivated thousands of people. The author explains why it’s important to feel responsible for our self-care and pains.

The book is filled with motivational words that will help anyone maintain their stand to quit completely. Those in a codependent relationship, through this book, can take necessary steps to free themselves. The book is inspiring and simple to follow.

#12.The Minimalist Way

The Minimalist Way

Here, Erica Layne used the mineralized strategy to explain how addicts can effectively deal with their situation. In this book, you will understand that it’s not just enough to decide to quit.

There have to be necessary steps taken in order not to return to the addictive life. And these steps, when mastered, will prove to be effective. The Author uses the book to reach thousands of women to help them trade fatigue and overwhelm for peace and focus.

It offers solutions on how to overcome a frustrating mindset and replace with calm and a self-assured one. The minimalist approach has worked for thousands of people. Erica Layne has used her experience to try to explain to people to concentrate on what is really important to them.

#13.Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety is an integrative and empirical approach to treating substance abuse and addiction. The manual is written in 25 specific topics or units. It addresses different interpersonal, behavioral, and cognitive tendencies.

It presents these topics in a clear and inspiring manner that will benefit almost everyone. Those who are addicted or their loved ones can follow the steps in this book to deal with the problem.

It teaches safe coping skills useful for restoring lost ideals. With the approach in the book, addicts can find new inspiration on other things that will make them stop their addictive tendencies. The book has helped thousands of people stop their addiction. The practical steps have worked for a lot of people.

#14.Unbroken Brain

Unbroken Brain

Unbroken brain provides an inventive and radical approach to help individuals combat their forms of addiction. It provides inspiring insights to support that claim that addiction is simply a learning disorder. With the full knowledge of its effects and its negative effect, more people will be able to come of it.

The book explains that addictive tendencies are usually a response to extreme situations. Once these situations have been controlled, it goes a long way to stop the addiction. This is when the recovery process will begin.

This systematic approach has been beneficial to addicts who have tried unsuccessfully to stop with various methods. The author took the recovery process to a different dimension that has helped thousands of addicts.

#15.The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Catherine Gray has seen it all when it comes to addiction to alcohol. In her experience, she has sworn never to go back but found herself going back on countless occasions. She made horrible decisions and saw her life trammeling steadily due to her alcohol addiction.

She finally found a way to deal with her demons. Since then, Catherine has been helping those who are in a similar situation. This book is a chronicle of her experiences in those alcohol addictive years.

She didn’t just explain what happened during her struggling periods. It goes beyond that. The book explains in practical terms how she was able to cope when she finally decided to stop. The recovery period can be very overbearing and overwhelming.

The book is a guide to those who have found it difficult to cope after quitting.

Addiction Free Forever Program

This is a complete program rather than a risk-free regime or a book. You can simply go through the process of eliminating your drug addiction and alcohol abuse or any other kind of addiction you may have been struggling with. The program enables the user to build in strength that will help fight against pornography addictive activities, gambling, drinking abuse, and drug addiction.

It is surely an effective way to help addicts get out of their darker sides of life and live a thriving and happy life with their families.

With a guaranteed result oriented composition this program assures that you will be able to fight your negative thoughts in an optimistic way so that they will never overcome you again and you will be able to live a happy, normal and successful life ahead.

Truth Of Addiction Help With Addiction

The Truth of addiction help with addiction is another perfect example of helpful resources that can surely help with nearly any kind of addiction people might be struggling with.

They can find ways to manage their addiction by following the advice. As people have shared they have alleviated their addiction based actions like binge eating junk food, drug addiction, and drinking issues quite easily and have learned to stop their issues and desires related to addictive behavior.

You will know your addictive behavior and you will be able to learn unique and unusual ways to encounter and inhibit in a smooth way that will never bother you in future at all.

Stop P.orn Addiction & Sexual Exhaustion The Easy Way

There are many things that are affecting young brains and behaviors in many different ways. Seeing porn videos and graphics is among the many unusual behavior people do these days.

As you may understand that addiction refers to uncontrollable behavior or response to a stimulus that triggers an urge to do a particular action again and again and you cannot resist it.

So, in order to control such impulses, you may need to alter the way you look at a certain stimulus and then try to divert your energies in a positive way or towards constructive action.

In this regime, you will be able to learn how to beat your porn addiction in a way that it will not be affecting your thoughts and behavior in anyways.

Hopefully, all of the above listed books have their own unique pattern to help out people struggling with a certain type addiction. Whether it be drugs, porn, or binge eating issues, you can find solution and learn to manage the addictive behavior in a constructive way to live a happy and goal; oriented life ahead.

Mark Lamplugh Jr. is a fourth generation firefighter and former captain with the Lower Chichester (PA) Fire Company. He is now the Vice President of Business Development with Solid Landings Behavioral Health. He is nationally recognized in Crisis Stress Intervention through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Mark has placed and referred hundreds of firefighters, police officers, EMS personal and civilians nationwide. He can be reached for comment at [email protected]