18 Shake Vs Gnc Total Lean Shake Review

Suffering from weight problems, are you? Well, in that case, you are definitely in the right place. There is no doubt that there are products in the market which are filled with qualities that would make sure that you will be able to lose weight in the best way.

Here we are going to talk about the reviews of two different products which are useful when it comes to losing weight. The products that we are talking about here are GNC Total Lean Shake and the 18 Shake as well. These are the meal replacement shakes that you can use in order to make sure that the user is able to reduce the weight in the best way.

However, there is a difference in the result delivery and working process of these shakes. So, this is something that we need to talk about.

The 18 Shake meal replacement shake is something that does contain some high proteins, has low calories and sugar, along with some vitamins and minerals as well. These are the ingredients that help in the increasing of the metabolism which in turn make sure that the fat is able to burn faster and in an easier way. There are two different flavors for the shake which are chocolate and vanilla.

When it comes to the GNC Total Lean Shake, there is a very high amount of calories, which in turn makes sure that the user would feel full so that they don’t take many calories. There are many different flavors available with a particular shake. The low-calorie intake taken by the person due to the shake is something that would help the person in losing the weight that they have.

18 Shake vs GNC Total Lean Shake: Information And Claims By Manufacturers

The 18 Nutrition Company is responsible for the manufacturing of the 18 Shakes. The manufacturers of the product are making claims that this particular product is something that would help in the suppression of the appetite and also help in the losing of the weight as well.

The GNC Total Lean Shake is something that is manufactured by GNC Holdings Inc. The manufacturers of the product claim that the product will help in losing the weight of the user and help in the reduction of the calorie intake in a person.

Both the claims made by the manufacturers are found to be true and that is one of the main reasons why the products are so popular amongst the people these days.

18 Shake vs GNC Total Lean Shake: Working Process

When it comes to the working procedure of the 18 Shake, it can be said that the product works by offering the body of the user with some amino acids. These amino acids help in regulating the process of the body and in turn replace the meal that the user might take. As a result, the hunger of the user will be curbed and hence they will take lesser calories as well.

The GNC Total Lean Shake will work by increasing the process of metabolism in the body of the user. As a result of that, the user will easily be able to burn the fats in the body. There are some proteins provided in the product which means sure that the user is able to have proper muscle development.

Ingredients List Of The Products

Here we have a list of the ingredients that are used in the products so that the user can have an idea what to expect from the shakes that they are having. This will provide an insight into the making of the products so that the users have no doubt regarding it.

18 Shake  

18 Shake
  • 15g of protein– helps in the reduction of the weight without affecting the muscles    
  • 2g of sugar – To add taste   
  • 15g of fiber – helps in curbing the hunger and replacing a meal
  • 18 vitamins – it improves the mood and helps in weight reduction   
  • 90 calories – this helps in reducing the number of calories taken    

GNC Total Lean Shake

GNC Total Lean Shake
  • 9g of proteins – it will help in developing leaner muscles for the user
  • 4g of sugar – To add taste
  • 10g of fiber – this increases the metabolism in the body and helps in fat burning processes
  • 20 vitamins – it improves the mood and helps in weight reduction
  • 180 calories – this helps in reducing the number of calories taken by the user


1. How Does One Use The Products?

In the case of the 18 Shake product, the user will be advised to have a single scoop consisting of 27g of the powder. However, in case of the GNC Lean Shake the user will be asked to take about 48g of the powder. The results produced by the products are different.

2. Which One Of Them Taste Better?

There is no doubt about the fact that both the shakes have a unique taste which is pretty great for the users. However, when it comes to choosing between the tastes, the 18 Shake has flavors that are better than the GNC Total Lean Shake. Hence, the users tend to use the former product more, just because of the taste.

18 Shake vs GNC Total Lean Shake– Final Verdict

While choosing the best shake that would help in the process of weight loss for the users out there, most people often tend to get a little bit overwhelmed because both the products have the same role to play and that is the reduction of the weight.

However, it is really important that the users are considering all the important factors of the shakes so that they can make the best decision for themselves. The ingredients that are used, the process of working, the delivery of results and some other factors are the most important factors that people might have to consider.

When it comes to the amazing benefits of the shakes, there is no doubt that they deliver faster results. Also, they have all the nutrients and minerals that are essential for weight loss. Hence, when it comes to the choice, it is up to the personal favorite of the user.