Best Bikini Shaver – 2019 Top Models Reviewed!

Best bikini shaver is a must-have for every lady who needs flawless skin without any hairs on it. Owning a smooth hairless skin is a beauty goal of every aesthetic lady who knows how much the skin deserves. That is why, choosing and buying a bikini shaver that does not pull the skin, doesn’t cause pain, and leave the skin stain smooth is most important.

Not all bikini shavers are meant to treat delicate skin areas and for women, it is necessary to choose an effortless bikini shaver that is easy to use, portable, waterproof and specially designed to give closer shave so that it leaves no hairs behind.

Picking up the tiniest hairs on the skin is actually the job of the bikini shavers. They are available as rechargeable, electric, handheld bikini shavers. Some may also come as waterproof bikini shavers for use we have out in all our efforts to find some of the best products in this line.

We have considered real customer reviews and authentic resources to collect helpful information so that you have informed consent when buying any of the bikini shavers reviewed below.

Our Top Choices

Remington WDF5030A
Remington WDF5030A
Women's Hair Removal Electric Shaver
Women's Hair Removal Electric Shaver

#1. Women's 5-Heads Bikini Shaver Cordless

The best a women can get is certainly through this product where this cordless shaver smoothens up the bikini area in no time. All this you get with absolutely no nicks, stubble or cuts. The blades are ideally designed with anti-allergic stuff, which does not come to any close contact with the skin.

Close shaving is ensured where the head moves in all 4 direction. It is a 5-head electric cordless device that comes with a dual blade and operates equally well on both short and long hairs. On a single charge, you can operate the device with full throttle for 45 minutes. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight with an ergonomic handle. Not to forget that the shaver is waterproof as well.

#2. Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Bikini Shaver for Women

This mesmerizes women with close shaving with its smooth glide technology. The product is enriched with the highly useful open blade cutting system, which actually allows the shaving gels and hairs to conveniently go through the foils and access the blades.

It is a 4-blade system that comes with hypoallergenic foils and promises to leave absolutely no hairs behind at the bikini area. The close shave is further possible with the optimal angle head that position the blades is such a way that foils stay close to the skin while giving a smooth and a comfortable shave of the pubic hairs. One full charge is enough for 30 minutes of usage. You will need 4 hours to completely charge this cordless device.

#3. Inkint Lady Electric Shaver rechargeable Waterproof Epilator

This is a 2 in 1 product, which could serve as an epilator and also as a hair shaver for women. It comes exclusively with an elastic shaving hear along with foil and a couple of integrated trimmers.

Inkint Lady Electric Shaver rechargeable Waterproof Epilator

This is a perfect choice for bikini line, especially with its durable, sharp and hypoallergenic blades. The foil cover protection is essentially introduced by the manufacturer to prevent your skin from any irritation, rashes or possible cuts.

The cordless device has a 2 level speed operation and this is good enough to catch the shortest of hairs and easily pull them out from the root of the skin. It is portable and comes with a charging cable to give quick charge for quick performance.

#4. Electric 2 In 1 Razor for Women

This is a sensational shaver for women that offers 2 in 1 functionality. It offers personalized shaving not only around the bikini area bit the armpits, legs, arms, face and full body as well.

Electric 2 In 1 Razor for Women

The experience of shaving is absolutely painless. Thanks to the hypoallergenic blades used that gives a close shave, without making any direct contact with the skin. The manufacturer took proper care to make it applicable for both wet and dry shaving of the bikini area.

Charging of this cordless device is super-fast. Just a couple of hours of charging gives a powerful performance of 50 minutes. Moreover, it is a lightweight device and highly portable to carry around with ease.

#5. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P

Panasonic is a widely known brand and for this reason, this is the top-selling product in this category. The equipment is waterproof and offers both wet and dry shaving for women on the bikini line.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P

The performance is par excellence with its 3 x super sharp blades and then an ultra-thin foil that allows for a quick and highly comfortable shaving experience. The stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic, which offers risk-free shaving.

The unit also comes with a highly productive trimmer (built-in) with the attachments to be used for underarms, legs, and the bikini area. You can easily wash this shaver under running water with ease, after use.

#6. Bikini Hair Removal for Women by Okela

This 5 in 1 product makes it one of the most desirable grooming kit for women. Women can use it for cleaning the bikini line and also hairs on another unwanted area while using its 5 different interchangeable heads.

The device provides hypoallergenic precision to give safe, comfortable and pain-free shaving experience. Further, the device is backed with top-notch quality aluminum foil technology that works safely and quickly to give you the best bikini line shaving experience. You can charge the product using USB. The product is also waterproof with an IPX6 rating and safe to be used in shower or bathtubs. A single charge is good enough for operating the equipment for 30 minutes.

#7. Women's Electric Razor for Bikini Area by Tresutopia

This is a super dynamic 3 in 1 high-speed shaver for bikini line and also to remove unwanted hairs from arms and legs. The curved blade of this product is its unique selling point, which allows using this device in hard to access areas, especially around the bikini line.

Women's Electric Razor for Bikini Area by Tresutopia

The performance of the device is very gentle with its floating foil. Then, there is also a built-in illumination or LED light, which is good to reveal the finest hairs, so that nothing is missed out in shaving. The equipment is waterproof with an IPX7 rating and this makes it suitable for both wet and dry use. You may also easily clean the device after use with water.

#8. Multifunction Rechargeable Electric Shaver and Body Hair Remover for Women

This is a super productive bikini shaver with built-in LED light. This feature offers you to clearly see the bikini area while shaving. This comes with 3 x pieces of supplementary trimming combs as well, which are safe to be used on all the sensitive areas of women, apart from just the bikini line.

Multifunction Rechargeable Electric Shaver and Body Hair Remover for Women

The blades offered with the product are double-sided. Not only this, but the shaver head is also movable in order to fit and operate very close to the skin. The equipment can be recharged using the packaged USB cable. It is highly portable and easy to carry outdoors. Try this to get a completely pain free, quick and a smooth bikini area shaving experience.

#9. Epilator, 7 IN 1 Electric Shaver Set

This is a high-end versatile product that looks well after not only the bikini line shaving but also to shave hairs off the nose, arm, eyebrow, underarm, leg, and the face. Thanks to the 7 interchangeable heads that come with the product to give a comfortable shaving experience to women.

The manufacturer ideally designed the foil to be anti-allergic so that you get a painless and comfortable shaving experience with no fear of getting any skin allergies, rashes, irritation or cuts. Using this shaver, the bikini line can be cleaned in just 5 minutes, no matter how long the hairs are. This cordless device comes with a USB charger. A single charge of the equipment could give a powerful performance of 40 minutes.

#10. Women's Hair Removal Electric Shaver by Clever Bright

This is one of the most flexible and most comprehensive high quality personalized hair removal kits for women. The unit comes with 4 different interchangeable heads to cater to a different area of shaving needs. The equipment is safe for both wet and dry shaving around the bikini area.

So, you can shave along with soap, gel or lather to get the best possible and smoothest bikini line shaving finish. The manufacturer specifically offers this with ultra-thin blades along with a highly smooth pivoting head, which is par excellence for sensitive skin. The cordless device has a highly comfortable ergonomic grip along with lightweight experience as well. It also offers a LED display on the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is bikini shaver?

Answer: The modern bikini shaver available today is a sophisticated electric device, which is used for cutting trimming the pubic hairs of women. They are usually rechargeable and comes with a variety of features to support the best hair trimming from the bikini area.

Question: How bikini shaver could be used?

Answer: Bikini shavers are wireless devices and come with an ergonomic anti-slip grip to allow women to trim their pubic hairs with ease. You may easily use them in the bathtub or shower.

Question: Which bikini shavers are best in terms of their batteries?

Answer: The most desirable bikini shavers come with lithium-ion batteries. Such battery type is long-lasting and allows women to trim bikini line for longer with a single charge. These batteries give a powerful wireless use of 60 minutes. Charging time for the same is around 5 hours.

Question: Do you need to use any lotion to support bikini area trimming using bikini shaver?

Answer: It depends on your preference. You may use these devices with or without lotion. The majority of high-end bikini shavers are waterproof and could be used on both wet and dry skin. Ideally, oil or moisturizer could be applied post-shaving in order to retain moisture. You should also rinse the bikini area with cool water after shaving.

Question: Are bikini shavers waterproof?

Answer: The high-end shavers are mostly waterproof and the manufacturers ideally offer them with an IPX5 rating, which endorses the quality of waterproofing. It is imperative so that the women could use it even on wet skin with the right peace of mind.

Question: What does a standard bikini shaver come with?

Answer: A standard bikini shaver comes with the handheld wireless bikini shaver, USB cable for charging, cleaning brush, carrying storage pouch, and a user manual.

Question: What is the best prerequisite to start with bikini shaver?

Answer: Before using bikini shaver, the bikini line should ideally be soaked in warm water through a shower or bath for 5 minutes at least. This will help in hydrating both the pubic hair and the skin while making the former easier to cut.

Question: Can bikini shaver cause any allergy?

Answer: The modern bikini shavers are painless. Their blades are specially designed using anti-allergic material, which doesn’t actually come in any direct or close approximation to the skin. However, hairs get trimmed well from the root.

Question: How can I protect or clean my bikini shaver?

Answer: The bikini shavers usually come with a cleaning brush. That brush could be used for cleaning the razor or blade area to remove any stuck hairs. Apart from this, it is highly advised not to submerge your bikini shaver in water, even if it is waterproof.

Question: What to do if my bikini shaver stops working?

Answer: If your bikini shaver stops working then it is mostly due to the hairs that get stuck inside the shaver. Those hairs need to be cleaned using the shaver cleaning brush, while the device should be in off mode.

Question: Are there any side effects known with bikini shaver?

Answer: Not always but potentially, there is a risk of having ingrown hairs. Just as the name implies, the ingrown hairs either are grown back in or sideways. Women with curly pubic hairs are more vulnerable to this. This issue can be countered or best controlled by regularly and gently exfoliating the skin.

Concluding our reviews here, we can surely say that we have sorted the best bikini shavers here which are easy to use, portable and provide an effortless experience while using it. In case if you are in need of a bikini shaver that can be used on wet skin, you must check on its specs. It is always a good thing to follow some precautionary measures. Further, women have sensitive and soft skin so it is better to find a bikini shaver that suits sensitive skin that will not give rashes and burns. We are confident that whichever bikini shaver you will pick from this list, you would not be disappointed.