Best Detox Shampoo Reviews of 2019

Why should you choose the best detox shampoo? There are many answers for this question as people may need to keep the hairs clean and clear from dirt, impurities, and toxins that collect on the hair follicles. Some detox shampoos are also made to combat the toxins that are a result of follicle excretion due to the usage of drugs.

Whether you need to stay away from greasy deposits within your hair follicles and need a refreshed boost or want to have an instantly clear scalp, detox shampoos work at their best.

Selection of the detox shampoos is based on the kind of hair you have, the type of detox or clarity you expect and the composition of the shampoo that is there.

So, to simplify the research part we have selected some of the best detox shampoos to help you keep your hair refreshed and clear from all sorts of toxins. At the end of this section, we’ll also be discussing the factors on which we have based our selection of these products.

#1, Detox Dry Shampoo

Detox Dry Shampoo

Most of us are now in a hurry and we need every solution to our daily needs in a quick way. That gave rise to the need for a dry shampoo which only needs to be applied and you don’t have to wash it away as it evaporates while removing the dirt from the hair. This dry shampoo is an original product that assures easier usage for all of its users.

When you are looking for a clean and refreshed hair look, you can simply apply it on and within a few minutes your hairs feel clean, clear from dirt, the follicles are cleansed properly giving your hair a boost and matte finish without greasy or frizzy touch on them.

The overall composition is surely safe and easy for the hair and scalp. The formula provides an easy way to get fresh and clean hair without any problem and without having to wash your hair every day.

#2, Sedal Detox Anti-Pollution Shampoo

Sedal Detox Anti-Pollution Shampoo

Sedal Detox shampoo assures to give a cleansed and purely clean scalp that is free of all the dirt and pollution that accumulates when your hair stay open while outdoors.

The formula is safe for use on your scalp and will never be harming the follicles. The shampoo is safe to use daily and will your hair free from damages from pollutants.

The mild and cleansing effect of green tea act as an antioxidant and assure to revitalize the hair in a gentle way. The ingredients in this cleansing and clarifying shampoo assure to reduce the dirt problems and also boost the overall look of the hair to improve the hair and keep them healthy.

Along with the clarifying and refreshing ingredients, it also comes with the perfect refreshing aroma of lemon that surely gives a soothing effect on your scalp and helps you feel active all the time.

#3, Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

When you need an instant detox for your hair, there is no need to rely on harsh chemicals and ingredients that may harm your hair while clearing the dirt. There is always a need to look for a purifying formula that not only clears the dirt particles but also help in improving the general scalp and follicle conditions to help maintain healthy hair.

This DryBar detox shampoo promises to give the perfect finish on your hair without a mess. The formula offers lightweight and easy to manage composition that makes sure to leave your hair healthier, cleaner and refreshed.

The micro powders in the shampoo remove the dirt, oil, and pollutants that are resting on the hair follicles and affecting scalp badly.

After removing the oils and dirt particles from the scalp the shampoo leaves the hair boosted and refreshed with a clean look.

Though, clarifying the effect of the shampoo will surely be refreshing the shampoo also comes with soothing and nice jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood fragrances.

It surely works as an instant refreshing shampoo for those who need a revitalizing effect on the hair while on the go.

#4, ABBA Detox Shampoo

ABBA Detox Shampoo

ABBA detox shampoo is another perfect remedy for the hair which needs the extra clarifying effect to cleanse dirt and oils from the scalp. It surely offers the balanced detox effect which helps in maintaining the healthy hair and improve the overall look and health of the hair.

The shampoo includes Baking soda and molasses to remove the impurities and the heavy dirt builds up so that the follicles are free from damaging components leaving the hair healthier and better.

The formula promotes clean and clear scalp without damaging the follicles and improves the breathability and increases the blood flow for healthier scalp and hair.

#5, Naked Detox Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Naked Detox Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Naked detox shampoo is a perfect blend of clarifying and useful ingredients which help in purifying the scalp and remove dirt instantly. The debris, dirt accumulation, oil, pollutants, and all accumulated grease is cleansed whereas the moisture in the hair is never removed and its healthy texture is restored after every use.

The hair looks healthier, and the scalp is purified and cleansed after every wash so that the follicles can breathe and support healthier hair growth.

The ingredients and the overall balanced composition of the shampoo keep it easy to maintain healthy and dirt free hair and scalp without any negative effects.

#6, Tahe Botanic Detox Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Tahe Botanic Detox Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

When your hair follicles are affected by the adverse impact of pollutants they start getting damaged. The scalp is adversely affected by the grease, pollutants, and debris the hair accumulate on them. So, to remove them and give the scalp and follicles a fresh breathable treatment, the shampoo actively removes the dirt particles without damaging the scalp and hairs.

The unique blend of essential oils including citrus fruits and menthol in this shampoo, the scalp is treated with gentle care and provide extra nourishment for flaky skin and remove all the debris leaving the skin moisturized and detoxed from all the harmful pollutants.

The refreshing impact and fragrances help in improving the scalp conditions for better hair growth and keep the hair healthier and stronger.

#7, ColorProof Color Care ClearItUp Detox Shampoo

ColorProof Color Care ClearItUp Detox Shampoo

ColorProof color care authority is a brand that offers effective and carefully formulated hair care products to solve daily hair issues. This detox shampoo is purely made with gentle ingredients to treat the scalp and help in removing the dirt and piled up pollutants from the hair.

The shampoo comes with the ingredients like baking soda and clarifying components that will leave the hair shiny and clear from all dirt particles and help in keeping the hair color intact without hair damages.

The refreshing fragrance help in deodorizing the hair from smells and sweaty feel and acts like a rehab combination for removing dirt and giving the hair a cleaner look.

It also helps in fighting back the dullness issues and leaves the hair soft, shiny and lightweight for a revitalized feel.

#8, Theorie Sea Kelp & Mint Cleansing Shampoo

Theorie Sea Kelp & Mint Cleansing Shampoo

This botanical formula with Sea Kelp and mint essential oils give an instant boost the overall hair looks and maintain good scalp for better hair growth and maintenance.

The gentle botanical formula includes the pure essential oils to treat the scalp and the clarifying ingredients make it easier to maintain dirt free scalp and promote cleansed and clear hair.

The active ingredients like sea kelp have a nourishing effect whereas the sage oil help in cleansing the dirt away.

With the unique amino complex, the formula helps in making the hair strands stronger and healthier. All ingredients are natural and the overall composition is paraben free and phthalates free for assures natural hair care and cleansing of the scalp.

#9, Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Everyone needs lightweight, moisturized, healthy and shiny hair without grease and build up pollutants. That is why a clarifying shampoo that assures perfect detox of hair follicles from the external pollutants and grease build-up is needed.

Due to the fact, hair gets dull and damaged whereas the scalp is severely affected by the pollutants that accumulate on the hair and the scalp area. To remove them away the detoxification process is needed which is only possible through deep cleansing hair follicles. But for assures safety, the mild and gentle ingredient must be preferred.

This Kenra clarifying shampoo is perfect for hair cleansing and detoxification of the scalp from the buildup of dirt and pollutants.

It clarifies, removes the dirt and leaves the hair lighter, shinier and healthier than ever.

Things to consider when buying the best detox shampoo

The best detox shampoo is surely the perfect combination of the components that treat the hairs and follicles gently yet deeply cleanse the dirt and harmful deposits from the scalp.

It is better to select a detox shampoo that is effective in cleaning all kinds of harmful impurities and dirt build-up.

In addition to the pollutants and grease and other such impurities, some detox shampoos are meant to combat the drug impact on hair scalp and follicles. This kind of detox shampoo leaves the hair cleansed from all kinds of impurities.

So, when you are going to buy one of the best detox shampoos, you may need to look for the following things beforehand:

Your hair conditions

The first thing that needs to be clear before selecting a detox shampoo is the overall conditions of your hair. You may need to look if your hair is straight, curly rough or shiny. Make sure not to overdo the hair by using harsh shampoo and conditioner products.

After sorting the conditions, you may look for the suitable detox shampoo that is perfect for the hair type you have.

Your scalp conditions

You may also compare if you have a flaky scalp, greasy scalp or overly dried out scalp. Most detox shampoos offer moisture content and assure mild impact on the scalp to restore its healthy texture. But you need to look for the shampoo that cleanses and detoxifies the scalp deeply yet do not dry out or remove the moisture from the scalp.

In case if you have a greasy scalp with lots of impurities and deposits, you may make sure you have a cleansing shampoo for supporting the healthier and cleaner scalp.

Your purpose for a hair detox

It is of utmost importance to know which type of detox you need. If you are only looking for a detox shampoo that assures to remove grease, oils, dirt, and pollutants from the hair and scalp to give a refreshed look and avoid dullness then mild and natural components would surely do their work.

But in case if you are looking for the detoxification from the drug effects, it has a separate category and you must be looking out for the shampoo to help you detox the drug impact from the scalp.

Composition of the shampoo

Look for the perfect, mild and gentle composition including substances and components which are not harmful or harsh for the scalp and hairs.

Look for the botanical composition or if not, you may avoid parabens and phthalates in your selected shampoos.

It is important to note that you need to stay away from extremely harsh treatments and make sure to get the detox for your hair which is not harmful in any way.

You should be looking for the components like mint, lemon, and essential oils from sage and other such plants and ingredients which have proven worth to keep the hair and scalp safe from possible damages and have a cleansing impact on the impurities as well.

Type of shampoo you prefer

Detox shampoos come as dry shampoos for instant effect and cleansing of hair or they are also available in the traditional formulation. You may figure out if you need a dry shampoo or a traditionally made detox shampoo that need washing up your hair regularly.

Best detox shampoo FAQ

Does detox hair shampoo work to remove drug effects?

Most detox shampoos are good for removing dirt and impurities from the follicles and scalp overall. But, when it comes to removing the drug impact there are a few that may help but this may not help in most cases. Detox shampoos are bets for instant removal of dirt and impurities.

How detox shampoos affect hairs?

Detox shampoos are meant to provide a deep cleansing effect on the scalp and follicles of the hair. These shampoos are made to offer a quick and easy solution to keep hair free from impurities and assure to avoid dullness and dirt factors on them.

Can detox shampoos damage hair?

If you are choosing a detox shampoo that assures mild or gentle ingredients in them, you cannot possibly get any harmful effects on your hair, rather high-quality detox shampoos offer moisture retention whereas they offer cleansed and refreshed hair after every use.

Does hair detox help in better hair growth?

Yes, cleansing and detoxification of hair follicles and overall scalp improve the breathability of the scalp and promote blood flow towards the hair roots. In addition to that by clarifying and cleansing the hair follicles, you can alleviate the negative impact of impurities on the skin as well. This sort of effect makes sure that you will be helping your hair to grow healthier, shinier and better.

When do you need to detox your hair?

There are many reasons when people may look for a hair detox. Sometimes it is the dirt, pollutants, impurities and greasy deposits in hairs that may call for a deep detox treatment. Whereas in some case people may want to pass the drug test and they may need to detox hairs by using deep cleansing shampoos to remove the effect of drugs.

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Video Credit: JohnFriedaUK

Will a detox shampoo dry out my hair?

Sometimes it is thought that detox shampoos may remove the moisture content from the hair strands as well. That is not true because most detox shampoos do not harm the hair strands and they are made to retain the moisture in the scalp, hair and hair follicles so that the hair is not damaged and perfect texture of the air can be maintained without any harm.

Best detox shampoo is a multipurpose solution for those who need fresh, shiny, dirt free hair without any harmful effects. These shampoos are meant to offer deep cleansing effects on the hair follicles that not only remove harmful impurities from there but also assure healthier hair without reducing the moisture content.

With the help of a detox shampoo in your regular use, you can assure to avoid dullness and damages on your hair so that they grow better. In addition to that, by purifying and cleansing the scalp, you can also avoid other issues like the flaky scalp and damaged hair problems.

You just need to be sure enough o choose the detox shampoo that is effective, has mild ingredients and work well on the hair type you have. In the above list, we have sorted some of the best detox shampoo formulations which have proven benefits and are effective for the removal of dirt and impurities in a quick and easy way. So, it would be a lot easier for you to select one now.