Best Foot Spa Massager in 2019 – Top Selections From A Expert!

We all need to relax and a comforting foot massage could be the best way to give your muscles and nerves of your body a relaxed time to rejuvenate. As your energy boosts up and helps in relaxing your whole body. You can bet on the best foot spa massager for a spa-like treatment while staying at home.

These little personal care machines help in giving your feet the luxurious treatment for which you may need to get an appointment from a Spa. But if you can find one for your home, you will be saving a lot more time, and money while relaxing and enjoying a luxurious massage and cleansing treatment for your feet at home.
Thinking of getting the best foot spa massage today? Not sure how can you benefit from it, Just remember you need to focus on the quality, safety, and features of the foot spa massager and leave the rest to it and enjoy the massager effect as soon as you put your feet into it.
These spa massager machines come with a relaxing foot bath sometimes has a heating option as well. Along with that, you may also see rollers

All in one Large spa bath


Conair Foot/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage


Wahl Therapeutic Bath Spa Vibration Massage

Most people usually concentrate on their face and hands, but foot massaging provides a therapeutic and relaxing feeling. The feeling you get from foot massaging can translate to the entire part of the body when it’s properly done. That is why foot spa massaging is important.

These days, foot spa massagers are very affordable, and anyone can have this wonderful equipment in their homes. The problem is how to select the right one. With proper research and the right information, you would be able to buy what you will be proud of. If you’re looking to buy the right foot spa massager for your home use, you should bear the following things in mind.


This is particularly important if you want something that can stand the test of time. In that case, getting a foot spa massage constructed with high-quality material is a priority. How does the foot spa massage get powered? You can go with a foot spa massage that can easily be connected to your power source on the wall.

Features of the product

Foot spa massagers come in different features designed to suit the different needs of people. Based on areas targeted, type of movement, and intensity, you will see foot spa massagers with different features. Before deciding on the right one for you, it’s important to look at your body and realize your weak points and flaws.
Foot spa massagers offer different massaging options ranging from EMS therapy to heat therapy and relaxation massages. You should select the right product based on your requirements and needs.
The intensity level is another feature you have to consider when looking for the right foot spa massage.
Electricity foot spa massages are common for providing different levels of intensity. If you have foot affections or strong muscle pains, you should not use massages with high-speed intensities.


There is no point choosing a large foot spa massage that will probably end up in your basement or garage because of lack of foot space. So, portability should play a major role in your final buying decision. Select a foot spa massage that is both portables.
Home foot spa massages are meant to be compact and portable. But they still need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the user. When buying a foot spa massager, consider the foot space you’ve kept for the machine. This will help you buy the right massage while conserving foot space in your home.

Price consideration

If you are looking for a budget-friendly model, you will have a tougher time choosing a high-quality one. Price is often a reflection of the quality of a product. Then again, you don’t have to go all out and spend hugely because you want the best.

The best foot spa massager out there may not necessarily be the most expensive. The main thing is to consider your need and select the foot spa massager with the features to meet those needs. You can get genuine foot spa massagers with $100 or $150. These ones will serve well and stand the test of time. Unless you want more complex features, then you can go for the more expensive ones

Foot spa massagers come in different features and types. It may be a little confusing if you’re a first-time buyer. But the main consideration here is the features you need. Choose a product that has all the features that suit you. That way, you will be able to select a foot spa massager that gives you the best value for money.

#1, LLETT All in one Bath Massager

LLETT massager comes with a timer and digital temperature control that gives you a complete foot and leg massage. It also comes with remote control and LED display for better massage convenience. 

The massage has a temperature indicator for an effective massage. There is also a metal drain that easily drains the water away after use. The massage has a portable design. This provides a safe and comfortable environment.

The heat indicator makes it safe and convenient for use. It keeps you focused on the required level of heat throughout your massage. In addition, it comes with a medicine compartment where you can easily keep herb or sea salt for an effective massage.


#2, Anfan Foot Spa Massage

Anfan has a convenient drainage tube that easily empties in the tank. With this spa massage, you will enjoy high-frequency vibration massage, heating therapy, and automatic rotary massage. The foot spa massage relieves fatigue, improves metabolism, and promotes effective blood circulation.

Anfan has 4 moving wheels to make movement very convenient. In addition, it has double overheating protection and multi-insulation protection for durability.

This foot spa massager has digital displays and customized controls for easy use. The design of this spa massage makes it quite convenient to use.  On the whole, Anfan foot spa massager is a properly designed massager that is safe and convenient to use.

#3, Foot Spa Bath Massager

Here is another spa machine that is both durable and effective for various spa treatments. It’s a 3D scraping massage which squeezes out the toxin, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and enhances blood circulation. 

It has an efficient heating system which maintains a constant temperature throughout your massage. 

Again, the multi-functional foot spa massage is an automatic system that massages the ankles, arches, toes, and heels. It also comes with one year warranty for assurance of durability.

 If you’re looking for a convenient and effective spa massage for home use, this bubble foot massage can be a great option for you.

#4, Wahl Therapeutic Bath Spa Vibration Massage

Wahl ankle and foot heated spa massage have several customizable options that can get you exactly what you need. It comes with options for heat and vibrations which relieves stained areas on your foot and ankle. 

Wahl is ideal can do a lot of things for you. It is suitable for sports injuries, swelling, joint pain, stiffness, stress, tightness, muscle tension, discomfort, decrease inflammation, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, as well as chronic pain.

After the massage, you will have softened nails and skin just like you’re coming out from a salon. It is the ideal massage for massaging the ankles and feet the right way.

#5, All in one Large spa bath massager

All-in-one is a large spa massager that is ideal for all types of individuals. It relieves fatigue, improves metabolism, and promotes blood circulation. The massager has a 3-stage massaging combination for oxygen bubble massage and high-frequency vibration massage. The body of the massage is designed with high-quality durable plastic which resists high temperature. 

It is ideal for both professional and personal use. In addition, it is durable to stand the test of time.

It is ideal for both professional and personal use. In addition, it is durable to stand the test of time.

When it comes to spa massaging, maintaining a constant temperature if a priority for safety. Fortunately, this All-in-one foot massager is designed to keep the temperature at a stable level throughout.

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#6, Giantex Double Layer Foot Bath Massager Spa

Let’s start with the aesthetics where its double-layered barrel body keeps it a step ahead of its many competitors. The electrical foot callus comes with 4 distinct heads to serve different massaging needs. Waterproofing is endorsed with IPX1 IPX2 rating along with certified electricity non-leakage. The device has the ability to produce strong bubbles that gives an excellent spa experience. 

Further, the heating vibration ability has its own set of many health benefits, especially in relieving people from any fatigue. For maintenance purposes, the top of the equipment is removable and also comes with a convenient drainage system with a drainage hole.


#7, Conair Foot/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage

This vibration foot massage allows you to relax at the comfort of your home. It offers deep pedicure spa basin that completely immerses both your feet for a very soothing experience. The comfort is further enhanced with the induction of toe-touch control for controlling vibration operation. 

The supplementary spa massage attachment along with the splash ensure nodes for super deep and best massage experience. The equipment also offers you to have full control over the temperature of the water or to choose categorically between hot, warm or cold massage. It must be noted that the product is not known for heating water contained in the basin. 


#8, Best Choice Products Temperature Control Heated Foot Bath Spa

This is a highly productive massager offering, therapeutic ball rollers massaging, heat, shower function rectifying pain and acupressure functionality, all in one. In order to make the most out of the product, it offers customizable settings especially to control massage settings and temperature. 

Moreover, you can fit in the bath salts and the medicinal herbs in its built-in compartment to get the best massage experience. The equipment has a useful red-light setting that helps in healing, rejuvenating and enhancing the look of your feet. On the other and, the acupuncture points support in sleep and enhancing the organ performance. 

You can employ its timer between 10 to 60 minutes range in order to let the unit perform conveniently on its own.

FAQs for Foot Spas

The spa massager works by moving the nodes in a programmed pattern to massage the feet. It provides relaxation and some other health benefits.
No, there’s no known risk of using the machine as long as it’s used properly. However, some poorly manufactured models may cause discomfort to the feet.
The benefits are numerous. These include reduced muscle stiffness, energy rejuvenation, stress relief, and improved circulation.
You should not use salt and oils when using the foot spa massage because it can affect the inner working and jets of the spa. You can check out the user manual to see what is recommended to use while working your feet with the massager.
Some top-quality spa massagers come with plugs that make it easy to remove the water. If yours doesn’t come with this, you need to tip it out.
Yes, some foot spas are designed specifically for kids. They are smaller and more portable compared to massagers for adults. These are also available on Amazon.
Yes, if you have circulation issue and arthritis, a foot spa massager can be of great help. But not all products will be ideal. Select one with extra features like infrared heat, massage rollers, and base nodes. Also, choose a model that keeps the water warm. These features will help to improve the level of blood circulation on your feet.
Yes, foot spa massager is safe for use if you’re pregnant. But you have to be a lot more selective. Powerful massagers are not suitable for pregnant women, but a gentle one can help a great deal. When buying a massager, look for products that do not entirely concentrate on massaging. Choose one that focuses on bubbles. These will stimulate the leg areas gently without overdoing it.
Yes, there are some foot spa massagers that are large enough to accommodate people with the bigger foot. Just search for the spa with the right dimensions for your feet.
There is nothing you can do to make it quiet if you’ve already bought the massager. But there are some products that are quieter than others. Some features of some spas, such as water jets, can make the spa to be loud. You just have to select the product with the right features if you are looking for a quiet one.
This depends on the user. There are some spas that come with heaters. For these models, you don’t need to manually add hot water. Again, some top quality models come with extra pedicure tools, lights, and water jets. Obviously, these additional features make them more expensive compared to the most basic ones.
If you’re looking for a product with basic features, you can get a nice one within the range of $100 to $300. But the high-end models are much more expensive.

For those who need to enjoy a foot spa massage can truly get the treatment through this personal care machine. These are usually easy to use and come with enough features to cleanse, relax and treat your feet like experts in a spa. We have sorted and enlisted some of the best foot spa massagers here based on the real customer’s reviews and features explained by the sellers and manufacturers. You can easily choose whichever suits your needs with confidence.