Top 10 Best Hunting Rangefinder Reviewed in 2019

Hunting is a popular game among some daring adventurists who are fond of game hunting in forests and plains and in the deep sea fishing hunts. But when it comes to hunting on land, either on a lake site or in the jungle or looking for the hunt in plains, you need to take the perfect shot without missing.

This is only possible when you have the targeting capability like a hawk instead of just seeing your nearby things.

Wondering how to spot your hunt like a hawk? You can do so if you have the right gadgets to assist you in this. Best hunting rangefinders are the gadgets that serve most of the hunters to find out the best range, to shoot at the right angle that would never miss out your target. Regardless of the hindrances and obstacles that may come in your field of view, if you have the most reliable rangefinder with you, you can surely estimate your shot before releasing your arrow or before you press your gun’s trigger.

Our Top Choices

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder
TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder
AOFAR 700 Yards Laser Rangefinder for Hunting
AOFAR 700 Yards Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

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Top 10 Best Hunting Rangefinder

Want to have one? Here is our comprehensive review of 10 of the best top rated rangefinders for hunters to enjoy the hunting game like never before:

#1- TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec Prowild is uniquely designed to give you the best range finding utility for accurate estimation of your target. It is not an ordinary rangefinder that will disappoint you rather it gives an approximately 540-yard range with a reliable scan and an unmatched speed to detect the target form a reasonable distance with accurate estimation.

The rangefinder is designed to provide ultimate hunting support in a rugged body that is waterproof to make sure you will never lose its features no matter if you are using it during rainy weather.

The speedy measurement with almost +/- 1-yard accurate results and extraordinary clear view and lens offer consistent and reliable measurement without a delay. It uses Class 1 laser that keeps your eye safe from possible damages.

This portable, lightweight, water/dust proof and easy to use rangefinder come with a pouch, a battery CR2, cleaning cloth and a 1-year warranty.

You can easily carry it along with you for a wild adventure and it will give you all the sophisticated features without any delay.

#2- Simmons Volt 600 801600 Laser Rangefinder

Simmons offers a lightweight, easy to carry utility based laser rangefinder that assures easy handling and accurate targeting for those who need to take their hunting adventure to the next level.

The rangefinder is perfect to use by anyone either you are a newbie or are in the learning process to target things carefully while in dense forest and other conditions.

The ergonomic design makes sure you can keep it in your hand for better vision and accurate targeting. The accuracy of target estimation is unmatched as it offers an LCD display for quick and easy reading for the exact and accurate distance measurement.

It gives an accuracy of distance measurement for up to 10-600 yards which are quite enough for hunters to define target easily. You just need to flick and press the button and the perfect measurement supported by the 4X high-class magnification and top-notch crystal optics make sure you would not miss your target.

The compact design allows easier use whereas the overall body is sturdy, durable and stands the test of time and make sure to offer the performance you need, without being affected by bad weather, dust or water.

#3- LaserWorks LW1000PRO Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

Professionals never rely on lower quality products and that is why this hunting rangefinder assure high-end performance for the professional level hunters who never miss their target at any cost.

Despite the fact that it is a perfect rangefinder for professional grade hunters, it is reasonably priced and assures all high-end features that you could find in any expensive rangefinders available on the market.

LaserWorks LW1000PRO Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

The measurement range is from 5 to 1000 yards which make sit suitable for a range of targets when measuring the distance from your standpoint. This rangefinder also offers accurate measurement for high reflective hunting targets without losing the accuracy when seen from the lens giving a crystal clear view and accurate measurement that is required.

It is compatible and ready to use for fast and accurate measurements with the help of 6X magnification power. It also allows measurement dimensions including the height, angle, and distance. With the fog mode enabled you can continuously scan and measure even if you have got vision issues around the area.

It uses class 1 laser that is not harmful to the human eye and is compact and well-designed so that you can keep in your pocket easily.

The functions are simple and you can get the measurement with the help of a button. With the power saving feature, it turns off automatically after 15 seconds if kept inactive.

The overall construction of the range finder is perfectly good to use in any condition because of it's dustproof and waterproof housing which is durable enough to keep it safe from getting damaged in a range of circumstances.

#4- Wildgame XRT Innovations Halo Range Finder

Wildgame XRT is one of the easiest to use rangefinders available for novice hunters and professionals today. The range fonder is designed to match the hunter’s needs of having a handy rangefinding tool that provides high-end accuracy without any hassles. It is easy to use and provide 500-yard accurate measurement for a highly reflective target with the help of 6X magnification power.

There is a scan mode to help hunters scan the area consistently so that no target is missed due to delay and you get reliable reading and measurement display as per your needs.

The accuracy or target measurement is up to +/- 1 yard which is perfect for making sure you would not be losing your target due to differences in the target distance and the reading you get on your range finder.

It is totally water resistant so you can use it without worrying about its functions during rain. The rangefinder uses class IIIA laser which is not as desired as class 1 laser but with 5mW it is safe to use and may not pose any danger.

#5- Bushnell G-Force Laser Rangefinder

All you need during hunting is accuracy and speed. If you cannot target accurately with a speedy shot you are going to miss it out easily. For quick, easy and accurate target capturing you need to have one of the best rangefinders for hunting purpose.

The precision of measurement of your target is necessary with least chances of error. Bushnell offers their 2nd generation extreme speed and precision features in their world famous laser rangefinders to allow hunters the best shots they could ever get while using a laser rangefinder.

This G-force Dx rangefinder is a perfect partner for hunters with ½ yard accuracy, VDT display technology allowing the accurate readings up to 5-1300 yards. The perfect measurement and high-end display assure the accuracy of measurement even under low light conditions and give you easy access to your target.

It uses Class 1 laser for eye safety and gives .5m W which is safe for use in any condition. The rapid targeting capability with 6X optics and rain guard features make it extremely compatible with all your hunting and targeting needs in a forest.

#6- Wosports 1000 Yards Hunting Rangefinder

This is a laser-based hunting rangefinder that allows hunters to pick the target in an easy way. It allows accurate distance measurement up to 1000 yards and allows continuous scan for speedy and accurate target acquisition.

With the waterproof housing and durable body, it can be carried along anywhere regardless of the weather conditions which may not affect its performance features in any way.

The premium, crystal clear, multilayered optics the rangefinder is capable of providing an accurate measurement with +/- .3 yard accuracy which is a massive capability as compared to other rangefinders.

With the help of continuous measurement mode and high-end accurate measurement, there is no chance of losing your target at any cost. It stays unaffected from dust, water and bumps with the durable shell around it for keeping it safe from any sort of hazards.

This lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed rangefinder comes with 6X magnification power and measure horizontal, linear and vertical distance easily.

It comes with 1-year warranty, carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, strap and CR2 battery as well so that you just have to put it to work in an effortless way.

#7- Vortex Ranger Optics Laser Rangefinder

This is the Vortex Ranger 1000 with other variations including 1300, 1500 and 1800. This one is a compact, easy to use rangefinder that allows quick and accurate target measurement for up to 1000 yards which are enough for the hunters while targeting in a forest or a plain area.

The overall design features, fog proof function, slip-resistant grip, and waterproof housing that keep the rangefinder safe from any kind of hazards.

The measurements are displayed on an illuminated display screen for assures convenience during lower light conditions. There are 3 level brightness settings to help display readings properly as per the light conditions.

Along with linear distance, you may also expect to get an angle based distance as well for making it even easier for targeting in certain special circumstances. For the highly precise shot, the LOS mode allows

measuring angled shots with longer distance without losing the target. Scan mode helps in easing out your way by giving the measurement without a delay.

The crystal clear optics with multilayered lens offer maximum light to pass through for clear and accurate distance estimation.

#8- Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder

This ultra-lightweight and compact rangefinder is perfect for hunters who need a palm-sized and pocket-friendly range finder that assures accurate target measurement within seconds.

With the help of 6X magnification power, the rangefinder is helpful in giving an accurate reading with +1/-1yard accuracy for up to 5 to 800 yards.

It also comes with PAT for golfers for locking pin positions and works for multipurpose targeting situations.

Perfect for golfers and hunters with fog proof and waterproof body that allows easy use wherever you need to estimate your target distance.

#9- Nikon Aculon laser range finder Al11

Nikon’s smallest made rangefinder allows the hunter sot keep it in their pocket and give an accurate and fast reading when needed.

Due to ultra-small design, it is easy to keep in a pocket and the lightweight construction makes it a hassle-free solution for all hunters.

With the 6X magnification power and 20 mm, objective lens and eye relief of 16.7 mm, the rangefinder offers clear imaging and accurate distance measurement for up to 6- 550 yards.

With one click operation and clear readings, hunters can easily define their target without any complicated functional settings.

#10- AOFAR 700 Yards Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

This is another highly accurate, waterproof, fog proof and rugged rangefinder allowing hunters to take control over their target confidently. With the 6X magnification, it offers accurate measurement up to +/- 1 yard and can measure up to 700 yards easily.

High-speed measurement allow quick and easy measurement of the distance without delaying, offering hunters a chance to pick their target quite easily.

Precision, speed, and accuracy along with easy to sue operations are few of the many benefits of this rangefinder.

The package comes with a CR2 battery, a strap, carrying pouch and cleaning cloth along with lifetime customer support and 2-year warranty as well.

Top Rangefinder Brands

When it comes to selecting the best rangefinders, a lot of people turn to their favorite brands to get the best. There are quite a few brands in the market that stand out among several others. Their quality, durable design, accuracy, and performance make them highly sought-after. If you are in the market for the right rangefinder for your shooting or hunting needs, these brands below are the leaders in the industry.


Bushnell comes in as the most popular rangefinder brand in the US because of the wide range of models they produce. They have some innovative products, including rangefinders that will let you know whether your short is clear for a bullet or an arrow.

Bushnell has also made most of their rangefinders quite affordable. Another notable feature you will find in their brand is the fact that they factor in elevation. They also let you know which pin to use or how far to aim, based on how far the arrow is predicted to travel. If you are looking for an affordable rangefinder brand that isn’t so stingy on features or quality, you can get what you want in Bushnell.


Callaway rangefinder models are known for their durability and ease of use. They have different models in the market with different prices, sizes, and features. However, what you will find in most of their top models is the Pin Acquisition Technology, which helps to simplify target acquisition. Callaway has also made their rangefinders lightweight and easier to use for newbies.

Vortex Rangefinders

If you want a super impressive rangefinder with all the features you need for top performance, you will find them here. Vortex optics rangefinders are designed with quality in mind. They come with a lot of features that will give shooters complete value for their money. Most Vortex rangefinders have o-ring sealed waterproof systems, are completely multi-coated, and provide clean display screen. They may not be the most affordable around, but this brand manufactures premium quality models with top performance. Currently, the brand has the number 1 best seller in the rangefinder category on Amazon.


If you are looking to buy all your optics equipment from one manufacturer, your best bet is the Nikon brand. They are the powerhouse of optics technology. They are the only brand that produces dual-use rangefinders for hunting in the woods as well as for golf course. Nikon rangefinders are also very light and compact. Most of their models come in smaller sizes compared to other brands. And if you want a product with a longer lasting battery, Nikon brand scores very high in that regard too.

Halo Optics

Halo has placed more emphasis on designs more than any other brand. Most of their rangefinder models have weird looking designs to make them feel better on the hand. When it comes to features, quality, and price, Halo brand is better suited for the middle market spectrum. Beginners who are looking for something affordable with basic features will love this brand. This brand may not be a high-end brand, but it delivers even under adverse condition or stress. They are designed to help learners get a quick grasp of their hunting expedition.


If you are looking for a rangefinder that provides clear measurement, you will definitely see a lot of options here. Their quality levels vary according to the type of rangefinder they produce. However, the brand may not be very easy to use because many of them lack some levels of comforts and features. This explains why they are relatively affordable.


Leupold produces high-end rangefinder models. They target that specific market looking for a top quality rangefinder, even if they are a bit expensive. This explains why they serve more police and military units around the world. Even their entry-level products are comparable to medium level products of other brands. Their ease of use and quality makes them the preferred rangefinder for professionals. If you are looking for a luxury rangefinder with all the right features, Leopold is a good place to begin your search.


Although not based in the US, TecTecTec has quite a different approach to the market. They manufacture products overseas and repackage them for the market. This brand has products for both hunting and golfing.

And if you are looking for a rangefinder model that makes use of common batteries, you will see some options here. There are among the few brands that make such rangefinders. They are also one of the most affordable brands in the market.

New users will love the usability features of their products. However, the brand lacks some of the ruggedness and refinements of the more expensive brands. If you are okay buying an imported product or want a backup rangefinder for certain trips, this brand will be a great option.

Leica Rangefinders

Leica Rangefinders always have a touch of quality in them, from their design down to their features. They are known for their precision and dependability. Also, their rangefinders have ballistic programming that determines the parameters needed by the shooter to aim correctly. This improves the performance of the shooter, even if they are learners. Their rangefinder models are strongly designed, with most having compact features. Most brangefinders are really doing well in the market, which is an evidence of their performance.

Redfield Rangefinders

Redfield is gradually crawling away from the covers of Leupold, its parent company. The brand is taking a new identity as it tries to make all its rangefinders the perfect hunting gadget with dynamic ranging capability.

For most of their products, the range adjusts accordingly when you are aiming a moving target. They are very easy to use and quite affordable too. They may not have the most durable materials. But when it comes to efficiency, ease of use, and accuracy, Redfield rangefinders are up there among the best.

Bresser Rangefinders

Bresser may not have a lot of popular models in the market. But the very few rangefinders they produce are top notch. Their rangefinders perform excellently under difficult conditions with features like multi-coated optics, water resistance, and excellent magnification. Bresser rangefinder models are compact and very rugged as well.

The above is the top-rated rangefinder brands in the market today. Each brand is known for certain qualities and features as we have seen above. And you can find different qualities with a particular brand such as with Bushnell and Nikon.

If you are looking for affordable models with basic features, some brands are more tailored to meet your needs. Some other brands produce more high-end models. There is a wide range of options available to you. Hence, it’s important to select the brand that best meets your need for a rangefinder, whether it’s ease of use, performance, or durability.

Rangefinder FAQ's

Question: Which features are most important for a hunting rangefinder?

Answer: When choosing the best rangefinder, features like range, magnification, and reticle are important considerations to make. The design and other additional features have just added a bonus. The main concern is to have a rangefinder that helps you aim your target accurately.

Question: What are the different types of rangefinders available?

Answer: Apart from laser rangefinders, there are two other types of rangefinders for hunting. These include infrared rangefinders and optical rangefinders. Laser rangefinders use a reflection of small visible lights while the infrared models use triangulation to emit light when measuring distance. On the other hand, optical models make use of mirrors to measure distance.

Question: How much range is ideal for a hunting rangefinder?

Answer: It depends on the main purpose for the rangefinder. If it’s for rifle hunting, you should be looking at a range of from 200 to 800 yards, depending on your hunting style and proficiency. But if you need the rangefinder for bow hunting, 100 yards will be okay.

Question: What is the best way to maintain the rangefinder?

Answer: Fortunately, rangefinders need minimal maintenance. Just make sure you handle it with care and keep the optics clean at all times.

Question: How do I learn how to use the hunting rangefinder?

Answer: The most basic place to start is with the manual. It provides all the instructions for you to get started. Most rangefinders come with user manual. For the few that don’t have, it’s usually available for download at the manufacturer’s website.

Question: What should I do if the rangefinder does not work according to its specified range?

Answer: Some low-quality rangefinders with quality issues may have this problem. That’s why you have to stick with a top quality model when buying a rangefinder. If you trust the quality of the model, it could be a battery issue. You may have to try replacing the battery in this case.

Question: Is the hunting rangefinder safe for the eyes?

Answer: Yes, all Class 1 rangefinders classified as FDA are eye-safe.

Question: Is the hunting rangefinder ideal for golf?

Answer: Not all hunting rangefinders are perfect for golf. But there are some dual-purpose rangefinders you can use for both hunting and golf.

Question: How much should I pay for a hunting rangefinder?

Answer: Just like other things, the price can be related to quality. Ideally, you should be spending between $200 and $800 for a good rangefinder. The price difference depends largely on the features and brand.

Question:Does it matter which brand of rangefinder I select?

Answer: Although you should be making your choice based on the features and qualities of the individual products, the brand still matters. It’s ideal to make a choice among recognized brands rather than choosing a relatively new brand without any track record.

Question: Where should I buy a hunting rangefinder –online or offline?

Answer: Both of these have their benefits and shortfalls. But you can get it cheaper online. Plus, you will have the opportunity to see a wide range of products, especially if you’re buying from Amazon.

Question: What determines how accurate a rangefinder is?

Answer: The objective lens and magnification are responsible for the precision or accuracy of hunting rangefinders. You should pay attention to these when making your buying decision.

Question: Which rangefinder magnification is the best?

Answer: On average, 4x-8x magnification will do for most hunting tasks. However, your ideal magnification requirement depends largely on your particular application.

Question: What does lens do in rangefinders?

Answer: These help to reduce glaring and control the level of light that passes through the optics.

Question: Do I really need a hunting rangefinder with the coated lens?

Answer: Yes, they will be ideal for you if you want to aim precisely, but rangefinder with these features are usually more expensive. Learners and basic shooters may not necessarily need the feature.

Question: What source of power do rangefinders use?

Answer: Most rangefinders are powered by batteries.

Question: What level of warranty is a good deal for the best rangefinders?

Answer: Most rangefinder warranties can last for about a year or 2 years. But the top quality models can have 5 years warranty. Some rare ones even come with a lifetime warranty.

Question: How can I check the accuracy of the hunting rangefinder?

Answer: The combination of both the magnification and lens opening will tell you just how accurate the rangefinder is.

Question: What type of rangefinder is ideal for a newbie?

Answer: Those who are new to rangefinders should select a moderate quality rangefinder that is affordable. They will only need the basic features to practice and get better. There are some good quality and affordable rangefinders that can provide them that opportunity.

Question: Can I use hunting rangefinders for other things apart from hunting?

Answer: Although hunting rangefinders are designed specifically for hunting, some individuals are comfortable using them for golfing, photography, and other related activities. But they are more suited for hunting.

Question: What does F.O.V mean?

Answer: FOV (field of view) usually gives rangers the ability to have a better aim at a moving target. Rangefinders with higher magnification need to have a wider field of view. This gives them a clearer view of their targets even when the target is moving.

Question: What are the most important modes in a hunting rangefinder?

Answer: Illumination, the zip mode, and magnification are the most vital modes with hunting rangefinders.

Question: Does my rangefinder need to have illumination?

Answer: Although illumination is not a feature you will see in all rangefinders, it does help when the hunter is hunting under low light condition.

Question: Which rangefinder accessories are most important?

Answer: Some extra features you will find in some rangefinders include remotes, staffs, mounts, bipods, conversion kits, and adapters.

Question: What are some of the challenges of hunting rangefinders?

Answer: Finding a top quality rangefinder that is affordable is always a problem. Some of the top quality ones with lower price will be missing some features. So to get the best, you need to shell out more cash.

Question: What type of hunting is a rangefinder best used for?

Answer: The rangefinder can be used on almost all types of hunting. However, archery and bow hunting is particularly more beneficial with a rangefinder.

Question: How (and Why) to Use a Rangefinder When Hunting with Your Crossbow!

Wrap up

Wrapping up our detailed review of the top rated best-hunting rangefinders available today, we can say that there is a range of various options that people can find in the hunting rangefinders. In order to find the best hunting rangefinder, you should compare the feature like the portability, accuracy of the measurement, clear view of the target fog, water and dust resistant construction of the housing in rangefinders and the kind of laser they use for the targeting purpose. These is few of the most important aspects you should know about before finalizing your choice.

You may notice some of the highest quality hunting rangefinders here which are from TecTecTec which is proven to be the most popular brand here along with Bushnell, AOFER, Laser works, WoSports, and Nikon.

Though each of these brand offer high-quality rangefinders you should be comparing the features alongside your hunting needs so that you will be hunting like a pro very soon!