Top 10 Best Inversion Tables of 2019

If you constantly experience pain on your abdominal and back muscles, you can try using an inversion table. In today’s time, inversion table manufacturing has been a trend on most companies due to its popularity. There are many options in the market but only a little percentage of consumers is familiar with its features. With this, most buyers tend to get disoriented with picking out the best one to fit their budget and needs.

In this article, we shall be looking into several options you may choose from when buying an inversion table. This guide will help you choose the appropriate one within your current budget.

Our Top Choices

Heat Comfort and Vibration 
Heat Comfort and Vibration
EP-960 LTD from Teeter
EP-960 LTD from Teeter

An inversion table comes in handy when undergoing therapy for joint disorders and muscular pains. Moreover, it helps improve your posture and enhance you over-all general health state. Here are some benefits of inversion therapy.

  • 1. Relief for Joint Pain
    Joints experience stress when you are undergoing heavy workout activities. The inversion therapy aids in relieving your joint’s excess stress.
    By handing your body upside down, the muscles in your joints are stretched and elongated. This can eventually reduce the discomfort and pain.
    However, one should note that there might be misalignments due to activities that utilize one-side of your body. These include but not limited to tennis and badminton.
  • 2. Lymphatic System Detoxification
    Since the therapy allows your body to hang upside down, your lymphatic system drains down fluid wastes. As the toxic fluid travels in a single direction, this stimulates your system, eliminating wastes such as lactic acid. This type of fluid commonly causes muscle and joint pains.
  • 3. Back Pain Comfort
    Inversion tables may be used while undergoing inversion therapy. This type of therapy elongates your spine and increases the space in between your vertebrae. This relieves the discs, nerve roots and ligaments from pain.
    There are several studies which show people get better as they continuously participate on inversion therapy. It helps lessen the pressure which provides relief for back pain.
  • 4. Better Breathing
    When standing upside down, the blood travels and fills your upper part of lungs. This is highly different from the usual way where the lower part is filled. This results with more oxygen getting produced.
    As a result, your diaphragm becomes strong. This will allow you to breathe better as you continue with the therapy.
  • 5. Improvement in Blood Circulation
    The blood is flowing in a single direction because of gravity. Hanging upside down aids in better blood circulation. Nutrients can reach certain areas in your body where it is not normally passing.
    The inversion therapy can also aid in decongesting several internal organs. It promotes better circulation throughout the body. It also helps decrease the change of varicose veins development.

These are just some of the benefits you may get from using an inversion table for inversion therapy. Medical professionals highly recommend this procedure for those people who experience joint and muscle pains. We recommend you check out some of the best inversion tale options in the next section to help you get started.

Top 10 Inversion Tables

Provided in this section are some of our top picks for inversion tables. We recommend you check out their features as well pros and cons before deciding to invest in one.

#1. Gravity 4000 from Ironman

Manufactured by one of the leading brands in inversion table manufacturing, this product from Ironman provides value for money. Ironman inversion tables are built with high quality materials, allowing it to last longer.

This table is an upgrade from their 1000 and 2000 models. Ironman provided enhancements that provide safety, comfort and high performance. With this, user can experience benefits from new features that it offers.

Gravity 4000 from Ironman


  • Adjustable height
  • Secure ankles for safety
  • Prevents movement through non-skid stabilizers
  • Provides comfort with its handles with foam cover
  • Excellent weight capacity


  • May encounter difficulty in set up
  • Limited support for people with short height

It features a heavy duty steel frame which provides you security and stability. Its durable body has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. You are guaranteed with lifetime warranty of labor and parts for the frame. You are assured to get the best quality of product.

#2. 475SL Inversion Table from Ex​erpeutic

You can expect excellent features from inversion tables from Exerpeutic. It has a no pinch airsoft ankle holders as well as a safety lock system. This lowers your risk of falling and accidents.

The equipment has a steel frame which has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. This product can last for a long period of time giving you an excellent investment for health.

475SL Inversion Table from Ex​erpeutic


  • Accommodating and inclusive weight capacity
  • Easy to adjust ankle mechanism
  • Good locking system for the ankles
  • Comfortable grip on the handlebars with foam cover
  • Easy to store


  • Mislabeled parts which makes it easier to set up
  • Equipment tends to be heavy

Several of its interesting features are the headrest and soft back foam. Utilizing a control pin which is easy to utilize, you can adjust this table in four multiple ways. Moreover, you can easily reach for the system that locks your ankles.

#3. Pro Max from Health Mark

This inversion table from Health Mark guarantees you an excellent inversion ride on every use. Equipped with the latest technology and features, it can help you feel relief on joint and muscle pains.

You can utilize this equipment to face up or down, working your different muscles with discomfort. This table has similar features with that of massage tables. With this, you are assured that you shall be comfortable upon utilizing it.

Pro Max from Health Mark


  • Offers a comfortable rest for your face
  • Can support a body weight of a maximum of 600 pounds
  • Allows a full inversion of 180 degrees
  • Can be used during massage sessions
  • Has five options for positioning


  • May ten to wear faster over time
  • Needs improvement on shoulder support

This product comes with a knee and thigh support. Its padded braces for the ankles offer comfort and stability when in use. The design is similar to the equipment utilized by therapy centers. You can easily get the benefits of inversion therapy centers at the benefit of your own home

#4. Heat Comfort and Vibration Massage from Merax

Offering traditional features with a few enhancements, this inversion table from Merax incorporates massage and heat therapy. You muscles will thank with an extra features this inversion table provides.

Equipped with modern massage vibration features, this product helps you ease your pain on sore muscles and joints. It helps you relieve stress and pain on your back muscles and body joints.

Heat Comfort and Vibration Massage from Merax


  • Offers weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to adjust rotation feature
  • Provides simple mechanism for redistribution of weight
  • Has an adjustable pin for better inversion
  • Provides comfortable with its ultra-thick back support


  • Ankle support pin may wear off after a few uses
  • Hard to assemble

Featuring a vibration and massage heat technology, this equipment helps you enhance your therapy experience. Its steel frame is powder and solid coated which makes it durable for regular use.

#5. EP-960 LTD from Teeter

Made by one of the reputable manufacturers of health industry equipment, this inversion table stretches your spine and back effectively. It offers excellent functionality and safety features.

Registered in FDA, your paraspinal muscles and spine are provided with the traction that they need. This product has ergonomic ankle cups which wrap around the area for added security. Moreover, it has bed flexes that contours your feet for a secure position.

EP-960 LTD from Teeter


  • Easy to store
  • Simple to assemble with only five steps
  • Durable as it is made from high quality steel parts
  • Utilizes simple arm motion for weight shifting
  • Good ankle support and lock


  • Needs improvement in packaging
  • Difficult to turn upright

This product features nodes for acupressure that provides release in trigger points. The lumbar bridge emphasizes the traction on your lower part of back. Overall, this product guarantees quality performance with every use.

#6. Premium Folding Inversion Table from Invertio

Made from heavy-duty tubular steel, this inversion table from Invertio provides exceptional stability and strength. It can last for a long time even with a generous weight put into it.

Aside from its excellent strength, you can also appreciate its sleek design. Equipped with a silver-colored frame and black upholstery, this table is perfect on any home theme.

Premium Folding Inversion Table from Invertio


  • Easy to adjust height settings for short and tall users
  • Features a contoured foam and large pad backrest
  • Provides back and lumbar support
  • Equipped with easy-to-grip handrails to provide additional comfort
  • Has an improved and new bolt design


  • Too heavy to lift and move around
  • Hard to assemble as it is made up of a number of components

With its unique features and design elements, you are sure to get your money’s worth with this table from Invertio. Storage also presents no fuss as it compactly folds in place. You can easily place it against your wall or inside the closet.

#7. Inversion Table with Airsoft Ankle Holders 475SSL from Exerpeutic

Features a robust frame made from heavy-duty steel, this product from Exerpeutic also offers excellent design. It has a powder coated design finish with vinyl covered backrest. Its 0.75 inches foam aims to give you utmost comfort with every use.

Its weight capacity can handle up to 400 pounds. You no longer need to worry about fitting in multiple family members in on piece of equipment.

Inversion Table with Airsoft Ankle Holders 475SSL from Exerpeutic


  • Utilizes a steel frame material to prevent instability
  • Has a locking system for the ankles to keep you safe and secure
  • Easy to adjust control pin used for adjustment of angle inversion
  • With ergonomic ankle cushion for comfort
  • Features a foam-padded and thick backrest


  • Heavy and difficult to move around
  • Parts are mislabeled which makes it difficult to assemble

Its features already present the equipment as a great addition to your health-related equipment. It offers adjustable straps, multiple inverting angles, ankle cushion and pull-release of ankle system.

#8. ITX9600 Inversion Table from Innova

Known with a sturdy and easy-to-assemble design, this product from Innova helps you get started on inversion without a fuss. It offers safety features which allow you to securely invert worry-free.

It is lightweight, making it easy to move on different areas on your home. Nevertheless, its heavy-duty construction promises you that it will last for a long time.

ITX9600 Inversion Table from Innova


  • Has up to 300 pounds of weight capacity
  • Utilizes a protective cover that has a patent pending
  • Features five adjustment positions making it easier to position yourself
  • Offers a long and wide backrest with foam padding
  • Equipped with a rollers and handles with thick foam


  • Not recommended for shorter people
  • Several parts and areas may not be well constructed

This product can benefit you for a long time with its comfort and safety features. With its ergonomic design, your ankles will feel comfortable and snug when inverting.

#9. ITM5500 Inversion Table from Health Gear

More than just an inversion table, this equipment from health gear offers a massage pad that uses vibration. Along with this, it has heat options for a soothing and sensational massage.

Equipped with a removable mat, you can easily get a rubdown that is invigorating as you utilize the inversion technology. It offers excellent support on the spite through the backrest.

ITM5500 Inversion Table from Health Gear


  • Utilizes a four-inch thick foam for the backrest that has contour fit for comfort and support
  • Has a multi-function back vibrating and heating massage pad
  • Features an easy in and out support for the ankles
  • Offers a longer locking arm which minimizes back bending
  • Can easily adjust on four positions


  • Straps tend to get worn out easily
  • Some areas in the ankles may hurt during inversion

Compared with other popular inversion tables, this product is lightweight and portable. It is also multi-purpose as you can utilize it as an inversion or massage chair. You can also easily include it in your large backpack to come along with you as you travel.

No longer do you need to bend in order to unlock both of your ankles as you get off the table. The extended clamp post can aid you in doing this.

#10. iControl 400 from Ironman

The Disk Brake System iControl from Ironman provides innovative features and heavy-duty design. It also provides excellent comfort with the help of back and head support.

Equipped with a soft but not rigid padding, you can experience comfort especially on extreme therapy sessions. Your ankles need some love too. Ironman provides you ankle pads aided with steel construction for stability and safety.

iControl 400 from Ironman


  • Made from high quality materials which makes it robust
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Offers stability and safety during inversion process
  • Provides comfort with its back padding
  • Features ankle protection pads


  • Limited weight capacity
  • Disk tends to brake after few uses

In general, iControl 400 from Ironman has an outstanding padded backrest and steel frame. It provides you both support and comfort. Even if you are investing more, it is definitely worth your penny.

These are our highly recommended inversion tables in the market. It is essential to get the most value out of your money. With this, we suggest you evaluate these options well and select the best one for your needs.

What to Look for in an Inversion Table

Inexpensive inversion tables may not be the best decision. It can pose a risk in safety and security for its users. With this, it is important to identify the features to look for in a good inversion table. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

  • 1. Comfort – Most low-quality inversion tables tend to be uncomfortable. We suggest you get inversion equipment that offers a pain relief method with features for comfort.
  • 2. Safety and security – You should also consider checking the ankle protection and locking system. Make sure that the closure system offers excellent support and security. This can help reduce the pressure as you reverse.
  • 3. Usage – Some inversion tables come with difficult to follow instruction. We recommend finding one that requires simple configuration and installation.
  • 4. Budget – When addressing a health concern, price should not be an issue. However, high quality inversion tables tend to go on a higher price point. You must assess your investment well.

Good performing inversion tables should be sturdy and durable. With this, users are guaranteed with safe-to-use and long-lasting equipment for years.

How to use an Inversion Table - Relieve Your Back Pain - The Basics

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Final Thoughts

Inversion tables are excellent equipment for fitness and addressing several health concerns. Among its advantages are joint pressure relief and disc hydration. Moreover, it helps improve blood circulation and waste elimination. It can also increase one’s height and flexibility.

There are several inversion table manufacturers that promise results such as nerve pain relief and ligament strengthening. Nevertheless, you must evaluate the options in the market well to get the best one for you.

We recommend you check out our suggestions above which are equipped with excellent features. Moreover, you should also be knowledgeable with the factors you should look for in an inversion table.