The 10 Best Iron Supplements of 2019

Iron is one crucial element in our diet that has to be included in the right amount as a part of our daily routine to maintain good health. Without an appropriate amount of iron in our diet, we may start developing issues related to blood deficiency as iron is the basic component in red blood cells and if they are not enough people may develop health problems and basic symptoms like fatigue, low energy, and growth issues. So, we need to look into the best iron supplement for a balanced iron intake every day.

Further, for staying healthy, keeping the metabolic rate at its best and to provide uninterrupted oxygen supply to the whole body, iron plays an important role as one of the crucial elements for human health.
Intake of iron in the right form and in the right quantity as per the daily requirements for everyone, which may vary among different age groups.

For our readers, we have managed to put a list together that contains some of the best iron supplements to treat iron deficiencies in the form of supplements to help meet the daily requirements of this crucial dietary component:

Our Top Choices

Floradix Liquid Iron
Floradix Liquid Iron
Nature Made Iron
Nature Made Iron


Top 10 best iron supplement

#1, Nature Made Iron

Iron is an integral part of hemoglobin, which aids the red blood cells to carry oxygen through the body. This Nature Made ferrous sulfate was formulated to help people get the right daily amount of iron they need in their body. Each coated tablet contains 65mg of elemental iron, which is equivalent to 325mg of ferrous sulfate.

The company has made sure there are no negative effects of taking these tablets on the recommended dose. There is no artificial flavor or synthetic dyes. It also does not contain gluten or any preservatives.

Nature Made Iron will certainly help you meet your iron nutrient needs for the overall well being of the body. It is formulated under strict manufacturing processes from carefully selected ingredients.

#2, Garden of Life Iron Supplement

Garden of Life is another well-formulated iron supplement for those who want to meet their daily iron needs in the body. These iron vitamins support skin health, physical performance, increased energy, healthy homo-cysteine metabolism, healthy blood circulation, and healthy hemoglobin levels.

The natural enzyme blend and RAW probiotics vegan iron is easy to drink or swallow. Those who are strict vegetarians will not have issues with this formula.

Garden of Life contains an amazing 28mg of whole food vitamins and whole food iron. And the presence of vitamin B-6, C, and B-12 supports iron absorption and utilization.

This Vegan vitamin is completely safe as it is gluten-free and contains no fillers or binders. It is made from 75 alkalizing trace minerals and 17 different organically grown vegetables.

#3, EZ Melts Iron

If you are looking for a completely organic and safe iron supplement, EZ Melts is could be the right choice for you. It is one of the fast melting iron supplements with great taste. Yes, the taste will not make taking iron supplements a boring activity.

Those who are suffering from anemia will benefit immensely from this iron supplement. It also helps the body to deal with fatigue.

EZ Melts is well formulated with carbon iron, which is very safe and yields maximum effects. The presence of vitamin C in the supplement even helps the body to properly absorb iron.

In addition, the supplement does not contain any negatively affecting ingredients. It does not contain natural colors, natural sweeteners, or natural flavors. The supplement is also Non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains Zero sugar.

#4, Solgar - Gentle Iron

All iron supplements are not the same. Some are better and more efficient at providing essential nutrients than others. Solgar is rated very high among daily users of iron supplements. Those with iron deficiency anemia are often advised to take iron supplements that are formulated organically.

Solgar is one of such organically formulated iron supplement. It does not contain colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, dairy products, soy, wheat, yeast, corn, starch, salt, or sugar.

So, while you are taking the right iron requirements for your body, you are doing so with no safety concerns.
Some iron supplements may cause constipation or stomach discomfort in some people. But this is a pure form of iron. Bi-agglutinate used to formulate this product, is the best form of iron. It does not have side effects and is naturally absorbed in the body.

#5, Vitron-C High Potency Iron Supplement

If you’ve noticed your iron levels have gone down, it’s important to take supplements that can get them back to their normal levels. In that case, a supplement like Vitron-C is all you need. It is not just an iron supplement but it provides you with loads of vitamins as well.

The high potency iron vitamin can help you increase your energy levels by fighting fatigue caused by low iron levels in the body.

And the high level of vitamin C present in this supplement makes it very easy for the body to quickly absorb. Unlike some other supplements that will cause constipation, this one is very easy to assimilate. It will not result in any side effect as it has been clinically tested.

#6, Feosol Ferrous Sulfate Iron, High Potency Iron Supplement

Foesol sulfate iron contains 120 properly formulated iron tablets. It is made from ferrous sulfate, which is unarguably the best form of iron. Each of the tablets contains about 65 mg of iron. This gives you more than 300% of the required daily need for iron in your body.

Daily use of this supplement will help to keep the proper balance of iron, especially for pregnant women, young women, and athletes. These groups of people are more likely to have low levels of iron in their body. But with this supplement, the right iron levels can be maintained.

Those with iron deficiency or anemia will find Feosol iron supplement very helpful because of its easy absorption and high iron potency.

#7, MegaFood Blood Builder

If you are a bit worried about quality when it comes to supplements, then you should consider this iron supplement. Megafood contains 26mg of food state iron, which is naturally absorbed in the body. It also includes B12 and folic acid for healthy RBC production. It is also safe for vegetarians, vegans, teenage girls, and pregnant women.
MegaFood is well formulated to improve energy levels without causing constipation or nausea. You can take it any time of the day.

People who take it daily will see tremendous improvement in the levels of iron in their body within a few weeks.
It is made with vitamin C and beetroot which is delivered with organic oranges. The supplement is completely safe as it does not contain soy, dairy, or gluten.

#8, Floravital Liquid Iron Supplement

Okay, here is an option for those who would rather prefer a liquid supplement rather than having them in tablet forms. Floravital contains essential iron nutrients that will effectively make up for the iron nutrients the body is lacking. This gluten and the yeast-free formula is a tasty mixture that is appealing to take.

It is great for both men and women, and those who are lacking the right amount of iron supplements in their body. Floravital contains other essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, B2, B2, B12, Riboflavin, as well as Thiamin.

With this supplement, there is no concern for constipation. The liquid dose is completely safe. It also absorbs easily and faster than tablet supplements. The ferrous concatenate content in the supplement makes it very mild in the digestive tract.

#9, YUM-V's Complete Iron w/ Vitamin C Supplement

​YUM-V is also another vitamin packed iron supplement that helps the body easily absorbs the iron nutrients in the body. Each serving of the supplement contains 66% of the daily recommended dosage and 55% of daily recommended dosage of iron. In addition, YUM-V contains a respectable amount of folic acid and vitamin B12.

Each serving contains 40 mg of vitamin C as well as 10 mg of iron. The vitamin C helps with the absorption of the iron supplement.

Daily use of this supplement will help raise energy levels and support red blood cell formation.
YUM-V is also completely safe. It is gelatin-free, gluten-free, does not contain preservatives, flavors, or artificial colors. In addition, the supplement is also safe for vegetarians.

#10, Floradix Liquid Iron

Floradix needs no introduction in the world of vitamin and iron supplement. It is already a best seller. The supplement is another liquid option for those looking to improve the level of iron in their body.

If you are running low on iron, Floradix will help by promoting the formation of red blood cells. As a liquid, it is absorbed easily compared to tablet supplements.

In addition, Floradix is completely safe because it’s a low dose supplement that is easily assimilated. Also, it is easy on the digestive tract and does not contain any artificial substances that may be harmful to the body.

Floradix is ideal for people of all ages and genders, including menstruating, lactating, pregnant, and expectant mothers.

Faq's iron supplement

Question: What form of iron supplement is available?

Answer: There are many forms of irons supplements, including tablets, liquid, and capsule. Some are fast release supplements while others are slow release supplements.

Question: Which form of iron supplement is the best?

Answer: There is no specific that stand tall above others. It all depends on your body type and your particular iron needs. Some people may prefer liquid while others may be more receptive to tablets.

Question: How do I meet my daily iron supplement dose?

Answer: You may not accurately determine the required level of iron your body needs without a test. When you carry out a blood test, you will know your optimal dose. However, most supplements have instructions on daily intake on different iron absorption needs. Generally, adult females require more mg of iron than adult males.

Question: How do I know the right type of iron supplement for my use?

Answer: Iron supplements available in the market are ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumarate, or ferrous sulfate forms. The three forms can be properly absorbed in the body. However, you need to run a blood test on the iron deficiency to know which type is more suitable for you.

Question: Which type of iron supplement is ideal for anemia?

Answer: Ferrous maturate has the highest amount of iron. This will work well for people with anemia. But other forms of iron can also take ferrous sulfate, although it should be under the prescription of a doctor.

Question: If I don’t have iron deficiency, can I still take an iron supplement?

Answer: If you are taking the right level of iron your body needs from your foods, there may be no need to take supplements. But you can take it along with vitamins if you want other health benefits.

Question: How do I know the right supplement with the best iron content?

Answer: One best way to find out is to look at the quantity of elemental iron in the supplement. Generally, ferrous maturate iron supplements are of the highest quality because they contain more elemental iron. They are also more expansive.

Question: Are all iron supplements easy to absorb?

Answer: When it comes to absorption, there are two basic types of iron. The plant-based (non-heme iron) and animal-based (heme iron). Animal-based iron is easy to absorb. But plant-based iron is more difficult to absorb by the body, but with the help of vitamin C, absorption will not be an issue.

Question: Can supplements lead to iron toxicity?

Answer:It is possible but it rarely happens. Monochromatic is a genetic defect that leads to excessive iron absorption. This may result in damage to pancreas, spleen, liver, or the heart. But the situation is very rare.

Question: What are the side effects of taking iron supplements?

Answer: People react differently to different supplements. But for iron supplements, the normal reaction is digestion issues and constipation. However, some products have improved their formula to the extent that these side effects do not occur in their products. So, you need to choose the right supplement.

Question: Are there other risks associated with taking iron supplements?

Answer: There are health risks which are heightened when you consume the wrong iron supplements. That’s why it’s important to buy a genuine supplement that is free of artificial sweeteners and other components.

Question: Can I take iron supplements along with other supplements?

Answer: Yes, Iron supplements do not interfere with other functions in the body. It can even help when you combine it with vitamin C to aid good absorption in the body.

Question: Can children also take iron supplements?

Answer: Yes, but there are certain dosage limits for children. There are iron supplements in the market which are formulated specifically for children and toddlers.

Question: How can I maximize my iron absorption?

Answer:You can maximize iron supplement absorption when you combine the supplements with foods rich in vitamin C sources. You should also avoid certain drinks and foods when taking iron supplements.

Question: Which foods or drinks should I avoid when taking iron supplements?

Answer:Drinks like milk, coffee, and tea hinder proper absorption of iron supplements by the body. You should avoid them at least one hour before and after taking the supplements

Question: How do I know which iron supplement is the best to buy?

Answer:When it’s time for shopping, look for iron supplements with about 26 mg iron per serving. These are usually written at their labels. You should also consider the level of vitamin C contents, especially if you are a vegetarian. Generally, you should stick look for an already established product in the market. It will help you curtail your risk

Question: What are the best types of iron supplements in the market?

Answer:There are good options that will provide the right amount of iron you need without additives. Some of them include Floradix Liquid Iron , Feosol Ferrous Sulfate Iron, and MegaFood Blood Builder.

Question: Where is the best place to get genuine iron supplement?

Answer:There are many online retail outlets where you can buy a genuine iron supplement. But the major point of call is usually at Amazon. On the site, you will see a plethora of options as their reviews can guide you through. Review sites like this will also help you choose the right one.

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