Best Pilates Reformer – 2019 Top Models Reviewed!

We all look for a perfectly toned body through the proper workout. And to achieve a noticeable improvement - in the posture, flexibility, coordination and body balance, the best Pilates reformer equipment is the perfect way to attain a fit body.
Mostly, the Pilates reformers are meant to give a full-fledged workout for your whole body.

It uses the resistance springs that will be giving a full-body toning workout with a range of exercises and postures you can use with it.

So, we put in our best effort to curate the best Pilates reformer that is available online, compared their features, their prices, and various aspects to sort out our 10 best products that our readers can buy with confidence.

We have reviewed them in the following paras and our reviews are based on the available information from the sellers listed on authentic websites and companies as well as the customer usage and experiences shared by real and verified purchasers. So, we have tried our best to help you out as much as possible.

Our Top Choices

Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Cardio Rebounder
Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Cardio Rebounder
Aero Pilates Reformer 287
Aero Pilates Reformer 287

Let’s have a look into the following hand-picked options:

#1. Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Cardio Rebounder

This is hands down the best Pilates reformer that you can get. It offers full flexibility in order to fully customize it as per your requirements. An adjustable resistance is offered with an exclusive 4 x variable springs (heavy duty). The steel frame is set at a 15 inches distance off the ground.

The platform is fully padded having durable quality. The major part, the cardio rebounder is reasonably large to support a variety of exercises. The aluminum rails, on the other hand, are also large that comes with the wheels. Shoulder pads that take the maximum load are ensured to be high density with a comfortable feeling. Finally, the foot bar is wider, taller, removable, fully padded and adjustable in 3 distinct positions.

#2. Aero Pilates Precision Series Reformer 610

The elevated frame comes with a super sturdy patented cardio rebounder that sets the quality of the product. The spring provides 4 distinct resistance levels to cater for a variety of needs.

The platform is reasonably wide, stable, fully padded with high-density shoulder pads. The headrest and footrest are flexible to be adjusted in 3 different positions. The hand and foot straps are ideally designed to be double looped for added comfort.

Transportation or moving around the equipment is easy with its impressive wheels. The unit is fully compatible with Cadillac from Aero Pilates if in case you are looking for this extension. You can make the most of this Pilates reformer with the wall chart and downloadable videos related to basic workout.

#3. Aero Pilates Reformer 287

This is the simplest yet a highly effective Pilates reformer from Aero Pilates. The heavy-duty bungee cords set up the tone of this equipment with 3 resistance levels. The 17.5 inches of the steel frame is fully padded to give excellent support to the body while exercising.

The head and foot bar is exclusively padded for comfort and both could be adjusted in 3 different positions as per your liking. The length of the rope can also be customized as per your preferences. The unique selling point of this product is its portability. You can easily fold the unit and carry it along anywhere you want. The same characteristic also supports easy storage of the equipment.

#4. Life's A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles

Portability is taken to the next level with this exclusive and unconventional Pilates chair that acts like a reformer. The pedal system of split-step type enables arms and legs workout either together or individually. The sculpting handle allows for a number of exercises to be done.

The flexible spring system of the unit allows to switch between multiple resistance levels with ease and that makes it the default choice for beginners and also suitable for the experienced fitness enthusiasts. This single equipment serves as a total replacement for the Bowflex, treadmill and the elliptical. The package also comes with the 5 x workout videos, instructional poster, and a comprehensive user manual.

#5. Pilates Reformer by Pilates Equipment Fitness

This is a simple-looking, yet a fully diverse Pilates reformer that you can have for your fitness. It comes with super fashionable sides and dapper finishing. The superior construction of the unit and its durability and versatility makes it an adaptable option for fitness buffs of different heights and abilities.

The equipment is adjustable in terms of height and the wooden elevator with detachable feature further adds to the productivity of the machine. The bearings work smoothly with no noise even if you put it at maximum resistance level in longer use. There are 3 different headrest positions provided where 2 are above the carriage and the third one leveled right along with the standing platform.

#6. Pilates Cadillac Reformer by Pilates Equipment Fitness

This is a top-end commercial-grade Pilates reformer along with Cadillac extension as well. The equipment provides full function in a dapper-looking handcrafted wooden design.

The unit could seamlessly transform between a Cadillac and a reformer to give you the best of types. The equipment despite being a commercial-grade is compact and it is suitable for rooms with limited space. The foot bar position could be rapidly changed between different levels along with adjustable ropes to exercise with as well. The pair of hand and feet loops are doubled for added comfort and productivity. Moreover, the machine also provides flexible, fully padded and removable shoulder pads.

#7. Aero Pilates Premier Reformer

This is one of the most complete Pilates reformers that comes in a compact and elegant looking design. The best part is its free-form and low impact cardio rebounder that ideally performs with gentleness on your joints. The other main features of this product are its padded base, shoulder pads, and a wider padded foot bar.

The foot and handgrip come with furry stuff for great sweat-free feeling. The stand could elevate the reformer by 10 inches, which allows you to go for multiple advance exercises. You can make the most of this unit with the exercise wall chart and the workout DVDs that come with the equipment as a package. You will require some assembly upon the product arrival, but it is easy if you follow its comprehensive user manual.

#8. Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer

Having a wide and tall structure make sit a commercial-grade Pilates reformer. However, it is widely used and preferred in multiple settings with its impressive features. The eye-catching feature is its retractable rope system and also its vertical frame that is supported with C-channel frictionless rails.

Top-quality padding is provided at the base, shoulder pads, head, and footrest, etc. using the EVA foam and that is further complemented with vinyl upholstery. The unit provides easily set pulley posts along with productive carriage supporter as well. The soft reformer rope/ loops allow for a comfortable grip and stress-free exercising. The spring covers with neoprene are ideally used for reducing any possible noise of the machine while exercising.

#9. Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle

This is a versatile Pilates reformer equipment offering 4 x full tension reformer springs and 1 half tension, supporting variable resistance at its best. The platform is fully padded (extra thick cushioning) and provides desirable adjustments in 4 different foot bar positions.

The headrest can be adjusted in 3 different positions. The platform is completely defined with its wooden construction and a shoulder rest of pommel-style, which are good enough to accommodate fitness buffs of varying height and weight. People with different needs are facilitated with 6 distinct carriage stopping levels. The complete package apart from the unit comes with a couple of workout DVDs, metallic rollup pile and a useful reformer box.

#10. AeroPilates by Stamina 266 Pilates Reformer

You can easily set up this fully flexible machine at an ideal and personalized height of 10 inches from the ground for training. The unit is supported with 3 heavy-duty resistance cords. Fully padded and adjustable headrest and footrest are provided.

They are also ensured for the ergonomics with furry grip in order to give a comfortable and sweat-free feeling while training. It requires a bit of an assembly upon arrival where user manual could be a great support. The Pilates reformer is compact that supports easy placement and storage in compact areas. Further, the wheels also offer easy portability. The clips are essentially provided to adjust the rope length very quick and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Pilates Reformer?

Answer: Pilates reformer is a workout machine for directed Pilates exercises. It is highly useful for Pilates practice as it focuses on spine alignment, enhancing flexibility and building upon core strength, all at the same time.

Question: How Pilates Reformer can be best used?

Answer: You can tailor the equipment for all types of experience levels, starting from a beginner to a pro. The majority of workouts are there for body alignment into a particular position that uses the footrest and the headrest to drive the body motion, while going for completing a certain number of reps in a set.

Question: Is a Pilates Reformer difficult to setup?

Answer: Yes and no. Yes, if you are a novice user and the manufacturer comes with an instruction manual that is difficult to follow. No, if you are a seasoned user and your manufacturer offers easy instructions to set it up in your vicinity. The high-end manufacturers always cater with easy to follow the instructions manual.

Question: Can Pilates reformer be used by anybody?

Answer: Yes, people of all ages could use Pilates reformer with varying skill levels. It is widely used not only in Pilates studios but also in schools, hospitals, rehab centers, gyms and at home. It is highly advised for beginners to workout with a trained professional initially to avoid any injury.

Question: How much distance should be kept from the wall when setting up the equipment?

Answer: The length of the reformer in this regard is irrelevant. However, the width of the equipment should be considered when setting it up. 5 feet should be spared on either side of the reformer from the wall. This will give you enough space to extend your legs and arms while exercising.

Question: Does the equipment have flexible resistance levels?

Answer: Yes, you may exploit the resistance levels as per the requirements and fitness level.

Question: What are some of the value-added or comforting features in a Pilates reformer?

Answer: The Pilates reformer is excessively padded to give a nice and smooth feeling while exercising. Comforting padding is added at shoulder pads along with highly ergonomic hand and foot straps.

Question: Is Pilates reformer adjustable in terms of its height?

Answer: Yes, the majority of the products are offered to be employed with multiple levels in terms of height. Moreover, the headrest and footrest are also flexible to be adjusted as per your requirements.

Question: What are the safety features to look for in a Pilates reformer?

Usually, a Pilates reformer comes with a safety strap that must be fastened while exercising.

Question: Is it easy to move around the Pilates reformer?

Answer: Yes, the best Pilates reformer comes with wheels that make the equipment easy to move. The wheels can be locked in order to keep it stable while exercising.

Question: What are the key benefits that a Pilates reformer can give?

Answer: A Pilates reformer is known to provide the following main benefits:

  • Support in alleviating back pain
  • Recovery from any back injury
  • Enhances muscle endurance
  • Enhances breathing
  • Supports in much graceful body movement
  • Gives a great fat-burning exercise routine
  • Strengthens and builds up core body muscles
  • Enhances overall flexibility of the body

Final Thoughts

A top-end product could be used to perform as many as 300 different exercises.
Depending upon the number of exercises you can do with this sort of equipment, you can now pick the best Pilates reformer that would be your perfect fitness partner for everyday exercising routine. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed using these at home and get your beautifully toned and balanced body and boost your energy to the fullest.