Top 10 Best Rifle Scopes For Hunting and Shooting

There is no way out when you are going to work out the basic things for targeting, shooting and focusing on a far off object for shooting without having a scope. Since you need the best rifle scopes to capture the target perfectly, you should never be ambiguous about getting the best one that fits your rifle without any kind of hassles.

Choosing the best rifle scopes needs a lot of homework and care when choosing the features and when making your final decision about the best products available to fit your rifle easily.

You may need to understand that not all of the rifle scopes fit all rifles because their mounting capabilities, the optics inside them, the length and the suitability, as well as some additional features, make it easier to decide on which one should you buy and which should not be considered.

In the following articles, we’ll be discussing 10 of the best options that are perfect rifle scopes for your use as per our systematic evaluation process, which will be provided after these best rifle scope reviews below. We’ll also be giving you a baseline regarding which things should you consider when choosing the best refile scopes in the following section so that you know how we have selected these top 10 rifle scopes for you as well.

Our Top Choices

Simmons Truplex Riflescope
Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope
Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope


Top 10 best rifle scopes:

#1- Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Simmons Truplex is a top grade riflescope with a high quality coated lens for better accuracy in the field. The product has a SureGrip feature which simplifies adjustment in any environment. Top quality rifle scopes come with superior eye relief for easy target acquisition. That’s exactly what you will get from this model.

The product makes it easy to lock in your target even under unfavorable weather conditions. It comes with HydroShield lens coating that provides a clearer vision on the target. Its parallax correction helps rangers and hunters have a steady target acquisition from 50 yards and above.

If you are a newbie, you will love the simplicity of this rifle scope. The unit is very easy to use as it comes with a simple instructional manual. It also comes with 3/8 inch mounting rings.

Another innovative feature worth mentioning is the QTA eyepiece that gives users enough eye relief. This makes it very easy to locate and acquire targets.

The one-piece construction of the tube makes the rifle scope very durable and light for easy handling. This piece is shockproof, waterproof, fog proof, and waterproof. In other words, you will have no issues when you are using the rifle scope during raining conditions. Simmons Truplex rifle scope is certainly ideal for both inexperienced users and professionals.

#2- TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Scope Series

This is a very compact rifle scope with all the features of the premium quality models. With fully coated leans, you will get better contrast, more clarity, and improved brightness. The rifle scope comes with the diamond reticle.

TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Scope Series

It is ideal for deer/turkey hunting as well as for shotgun hunting. Another interesting feature is the weaver style rings that make it's very easy to mount and hold. The 3/8 inch rings are perfect for both air rifles and rimfire.

The built and design of the rifle scope is also another positive area. It has a non-reflective matte finish, which makes t scratch resistant. This unit can handle a little bit of rough handling without any damage. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are always in the field. This rifle scope has rubber eye guard for protection against recoiling when in the field.

In addition, it comes with top quality leaf spring for elevation and windage adjustments. TruGlo is designed with durable aircraft aluminum - the best in the industry. This ensures long-lasting use, even for hunting enthusiasts.

That is why the company is offering a lifetime limited warranty as an assurance for the quality of their product. Finally, you just have to pay far lower for this product even though the overall quality is top class.

#3- UTG BugBuster Scope

UTG may not come from a very popular brand like the Vortex or Simmons brand. But there is one major reason we have decided to include it on the list. The rifle scope comes with premium quality features all at a significantly lower price. In other words, you get to pay less for the product but still enjoy the features of the high-end models.

UTG BugBuster Scope

It is rainproof, fog proof, shockproof, and completely sealed. Again, the tube is nitrogen filled, which makes it very light but tough on difficult weather conditions. The rifle scope comes with

an adjustable objective lens, resettable turrets, and quick detachable rings. The magnification setting and adjustable objective are user-friendly as well.

This product has a portable tube construction that is coated with Emerald material. It allows for superior light transmission, which is surely needed when working under low light environments.

In addition, the large FOV (field of view) allows you to easily locate and acquire your targets. If you will ever need to hunt in a tough weather environment, there is a feature in this rifle scope that will aid you. It is the dual green and red illumination and cooperative eye relief. This provides better vision for you in the evening or during dusk.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly rifle scope that provides good magnification and better clarity, this may be a good choice for you.

#4- Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope

Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope

Vortex is a household name as far as rifle scopes and optics is concerned. The company has some of the best quality rifle scopes in the market today. And this product is not an exception as regards to quality.

The product comes with a precision glide mechanism that provides repeatability and accurate tracking. With this unit, you will get a fully multi-coated lens. This is certainly the highest standard in the industry. It means you have more image clarity and better light transmission. You can easily make use of your rifle scope when hunting in a poorly lit environment.

This rifle scope is versatile in application. It has multiple configurations, which allows it to be used for different hunting and shooting expeditions. Vortex works fine for long range applications, slug short gun, muzzleloader, varmint/predator, and for the big game.

In addition, the tube construction is a durable one. It comes with an anodized finish, as it provides durable and shockproof performance. Also, the o-ring and argon purged construction makes it waterproof and fog proof.

Also, you will love the BDC reticle which is great for shooting and hunting at different ranges. Overall, this Vortex rifle scope is a good quality model that provides better magnification and durable features for different types of ranging activities.

#5- Nikon Buckmasters Riflescope

Nikon Buckmaster is another dawn-to-dusk rifle scope that provides superior light transmission in low light environments. With this unit, you don’t have to worry about hunting in the evening or early morning. The anti-reflective compounds on its glass surfaces make sure you get clearer pictures.

Nikon Buckmasters Riflescope

There is another unique feature that comes with the rifle scope. The Spot On for the scope enables you to correctly point out the exact aiming points in the field. It gives you the exact points at different yardages for your load and ammunition. This makes things look easier and more convenient in the field.

With the clear reticle adjustment, you can easily zero in on your targets and maintain your settings. This rifle scope is also not on the high side. It is ideal for both experienced and novice users who are still new shooting and hunting skills. The magnification for the scope provides a clearer image at a very long distance.

The clear glass allows you to see clearly under any weather condition. So, if you are going to hunt in the woods, this rifle scope will aid you a lot.

There are quite a few rifle scopes that can compare with this when it comes to light transmission. In fact, the scope is intended for use in low light conditions.

#6- Bushnell Banner Riflescope

Bushnell is another popular optics and rifle scope brand in the market. The TRS-25 model is made basically for new and intermediate users. It is very easy to mount on your rifle, although a manual is still provided for assistance. This riflescope is compatible with different types of applications, including muzzleloaders, rifles, shotguns, as well as pistols.

Its 6 inches of eye-relief makes it safe against recoils. It is far enough to protect your eyes from danger. Again, the unit is completely fog proof and waterproof. If you are looking for an ideal rifle scope for dusk and dawn use, this model is specifically made to aid you. It comes with DDB lenses for brightness, clarity, and better image quality.

Bushnell Banner Riflescope

This low light rifle scope has a 40mm objective lens and 3-9x magnification. In addition, the premium quality optics comes with top-notch HD clarity. Also included in this rifle scope are simple MOA fingertip elevation and windage adjustments.

Although the riflescope may not be the best when it comes to image clarity, it is certainly the best among cheaper models. This is why it’s great for those on a low budget who still want a nicely built rifle scope for a good hunting expedition

Bushnell models are usually at the upper scale when it comes to price. But this model, despite its good features, is relatively cheap. That’s a good turn-on for a lot of people.

#7- Vortex Optics Viper PST Riflescopes

If you have a considerable budget to buy a high-end reliable and sophisticated riflescopes, this Vortex riflescope would do the best for you.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Riflescopes

With the clarity of the visions and extremely sophisticated setup and infrastructure, this riflescope assures internally adjusting the angle. With reliable adjustment options, highly accurate measurement and speed of operation, this Vortex optics works great for those who don’t want to miss out on their targets.

The MRAD reticle and turrets with EBR-1 MRAD, are there to offer high-end performance.

The perfect angle estimation, crystal clear distant targeting and rugged structure make it perfect for the rifles which you need to use while on your adventure shooting trip.

It is made up of a 30 mm tube and offers a total weight around 23.0 ounces which is bearable and not stressful at all.

Due to the argon gas, the dispersion issues and hindrances are not going to affect the accuracy during the image formation.

Easy angle adjustment help in making sure the target is locked as soon as it is found by the user.

For better performance and convenience of the user, the reticle is illuminated so that you are always sure where to shoot.

#8- Burris Optics 4-20x50mm Riflescope

Burris Optics 4-20x50mm Riflescope

Burris Optics are a bit expensive but these are the best and most trusted riflescopes that you could ever find on the market. This one is ergonomically designed and structured to give maximum performance and accuracy for the user who is willing to get the best and most accurate shot.

The 34mm tube is equipped with easy to adjust parallax adjustment knob which ranges from 50yards till infinity so that you may enjoy accuracy at farthest distance.

The high-quality optics are used for extreme accuracy and adjustment options with suitable reticles. You may also find it easy to adjust regarding the windage and the elevation so that you know your position and the distance from your target with reference to all the surrounding conditions.

Whether you have to work with long-distance target or at a closer point of view you can adjust the scope easily. The adjustment knobs are smooth with no clicks and allow accuracy with as little increase/decrease as you need.

#9- Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 Ballistic Turret Riflescope

This is rather a lightweight and a handy solution for keeping your rifle equipped with a perfect, ergonomically designed riflescope that lets you target easily and without taking any risks. The Swarovski standards make the riflescope up to the mark so that the hinters and shooters have a reliable rifle scope with them.

Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 Ballistic Turret Riflescope

It comes with 18x zoom and an adjustable elevation as well as parallax adjustment to get the customized experience that is needed for most of the targeting situations.

It can bear with water spill and can stay safe up to 4 meters deep underwater.

The riflescope comes with 4W reticle with 2MOA marks increment for accuracy and precision. Easy mechanical adjustments, fine quality performance, and perfect functionality make it a great match for your hunting rifles.

#10- Athlon Optics, Argos BTR , Riflescope

Athlon Optics provide most competitive technology to offer hunters and target shooters the best level of quality and accuracy in the form of this Argus BTR riflescope.

Athlon Optics, Argos BTR , Riflescope

It features a maximum of 60 MOA adjustment with .25 MOA per click and assures 10 yards up till infinity with accuracy and easy adjustment options.

The parallax adjustment is also easy and may not offer any kind of complication while setting things up so that the user is at ease when he or she is targeting their game.

The reticle at the first focal plan makes sure to provide the optimum targeting that reaches the target and shrinks while it reaches out at any target point that you want to acquire in a quick and accurate way.

To avoid glare and reflection or diversion issues the optics are multicoated and are designed in a way that makes sure to offer maximum light for brighter sharper view without any blur.

Features To Consider When Buying Rifle Scope

Riflescopes are usually durable, as they can last for a very long time. However, their issue is not about durability. The question is, can it perform as well as you are expecting? Will it help you improve on your hunting and ranging skills? What features must the ideal rangefinder have for my hunting needs?

These are some of the questions you should try to answer before choosing a hunting rifle scope. If you are looking to select the right rifle scope for your hunting expeditions, the following are the important features you need to seriously consider.

Design and construction

The tube is the main body of the rifle scope. There are different brands with different sizes, particularly in diameter. If you want to be able to easily increase the scope’s range of adjustment, you should look for a tube with a wider diameter.

You will need this for long shots. It’s also ideal if you want more space for some components. But these types are usually more expensive because they will require bigger mounting rings.

The best hunting rifle scopes are argon or nitrogen-purged to make them shockproof and resistant to fogging. When you are selecting a rifle scope, choose a model with this type of construction.


This comes out as a significant aspect you should consider before selecting a rifle scope. Magnification simply means how far you can multiply your unaided eye’s vision using the rifle scope. This means that if you have a scope with 3x magnification, you will be able to enhance your eye’s vision by 3 times.

There are different rifle scopes with different levels of magnification. And there is no particular magnification range that is considered the best – it all depends on your hunting range. If you are targeting a far distance, a higher magnification ( 12x to 20 x) will help you zoom in the far target to make it clearer and closer. On the other hand, the low powered scope will be enough for shots less than 100 yards.


This is the shortest distance between your eye and the lens of the rifle scope, which still keeps your vision as clear as possible.

Select a rifle scope with eye relief of at least 4 inches. Those with less are too risky. In some rifle scopes’ models (especially powerful rifles), the recoil can be quite impactful.

When the eye relief is too short, there is a danger the recoil might hit the eye. This may lead to blindness in severe cases. This may not be an issue for another type of ranging scopes. But if you are buying a rifle scope, it will be safer to buy a model with longer eye relief.

Size of objective lens

The size of the objective lens may be an advantage for you or a downside. It depends on how and where you want to use the rifle scope. Generally, a larger objective lens will improve the brightness of the scope. This produces a brighter image and better performance in low light environment.

However, these are usually heavier than scopes that have a smaller objective lens. If you might use the rifle scope in a poor lit environment, it will be better to settle for a larger objective lens.


This feature is also important to consider when you are buying a rifle scope. Critically, the weight of the rifle can be a burden if you are always on the move. You need to carry the rifle constantly if you are stalking an animal. But if you are stationed at a particular place for long-range shots, you could support the rifle with sandbags or a tripod. The weight may not be much of a burden to you. So, the ideal weight should depend on how you want to hunt.

Lens coating

Apart from the objective lens, this feature also plays its role for light transmission. You can improve the brightness of the lens with a different type of lens coating. As a reminder, a brighter lens will improve light transmission under low light condition.

If you want to improve the light transmission of the rifle scope, you should look for a scope with an optical coating. The highest quality with the best light transmission is the fully multicoated version. Of course, this level is more expensive than other levels. But spending the extra dollars will certainly enhance your overall shooting experience.

Which type of reticle is ideal?

Reticle in rifle scopes points to your targets. It is represented by a crosshair indication. The reticle can either have a finer crosshair or duplex standard option. There is also another type known as the “charismas tree”.

Generally, the finer crosshair type is great for experienced hunters or shooters who want to aim more accurately. You will also need a finer reticle if you are going on tactical shooting or long-range targets. But if you are a newbie or want to shoot at short or medium distant objects, a duplex reticle with the broader signal will be enough for you.

Recently, some rifle scopes even come with an illuminated reticle. With this, you can improve your sighting under low light conditions. This will be particularly useful if you are hunting in the evening or early morning.

Turrets and eye relief

The main role of turrets is to create elevation and windage adjustments. Due to the different types of rifle scopes available, there are also different types of turrets. But as far as hunting rifle goes, a standard ballistic turret that has adjustment is appropriate.

Rifle Scopes FAQ

How does the rifle scope work?

The main goal of a rifle scope is to help the hunter have a better view of the target through the scope’s magnification. It is an elongated view that helps you pay complete focus on the target through its tube.

What makes a good hunting rifle scope?

There are several features that make a hunting rifle scope a quality one. But the best models have a durable and lightweight design. The magnification and objective lens depending on the preference of the user. The best models are water-resistant, durable, and come with lifetime warranty, among other benefits.

What type of magnification is ideal for hunting?

This will largely depend on the distance between you and the target. Generally, a bigger magnification should be used on a farther target. But you only need a rifle scope with low magnification if your target is not too far away.

When do I use high powered or low powered magnification?

If you are shooting moving targets or trying out short range shooting, the lower powered magnification of less than 20x will be better. However, medium range scope is best used for game hunting or medium range shooting. But when you are shooting long range targets or still targets, a high powered magnification will be the best option for you.

How do I read the magnification?

A magnification of 10x means that the target object is 10 times bigger than what your unaided eye can see.

What ring size do I need?

There are different sizes of rings for different rifle scopes. However, the size of your scope will determine which ring size is better.

What Are Fiber Optics?

Fiber Optics are basically installed in rifle scopes to aid hunters who are hunting in poorly lit environments. They use a type of fluorescent or glowing material to help the hunter see the reticle properly. This feature will be helpful if you are hunting in the night or for low light shooting.

Which size of the objective lens is better?

Normally, your scope’s width of view should be used to determine its rightful objective lens. Large objective lens is more preferred for bird shooting or shooting other moving targets. On the other hand, target shooting and game hunting should be done with a smaller size objective lens.

What is reticle?

In a hunting rifle scope, reticle refers to the crosshair or target the shooter sees when they look through the rifle scope. It is the scope’s marker that points to the actual target you want to aim.

Which type of reticle is ideal for hunting?

If you want to aim more accurately, look for a scope that has finer line reticle. The finer the reticle, the more accurate you will get. But if you plan to use your rifle scope in a poorly lit environment, get one with a bolder crosshair. It may be difficult to see a thin reticle in dark areas.

Which is better – variable or fixed zoom scope?

Variable zoom scopes are preferred when you are going to be shooting at various distances. But if you are only going to hunt at a specific distance, fixed zoom scope will be enough. Fixed scopes are also easier to use than the variable models.

What Are Elevation and Windage?

This term is used to describe shifting of the aiming point either vertically or horizontally. This is very useful when you are targeting a moving object.

How do I get a wider view of the target area?

This is possible with some hunting rifle scopes. In some rifle scopes, you can adjust the objective lens to create more space for a wider view of the target environment.

What is rifle scope parallax?

Parallax is when the reticle shifts lightly when viewing a distant target. This is especially important for long range hunters because the adjustment can affect their aim. But buying a scope that has an adjustable lens will solve this problem.

Is it possible to have a customized reticle for my rifle scope?

Yes, it is possible to install custom reticle in your rangefinder if you have the need to. But this is not necessary. Again, remember that installing a custom reticle will void whatever warranty your riflescope company is offering.

How much can I pay for a good quality scope?

Like every other product, the cost of riflescope reflects so much on its features. The more features they have the more expensive they will likely be. But on average, you can get a good quality hunting rifle scope between $150 and $250.

How do I maintain the rifle scope?

Riflescopes do not require much for maintenance. Most models come with special lubricants and internal seals, which help them to keep a dry atmosphere. This means that conditions like lens fogging do not affect them much. But you need to clean it once in a while to make them last for a long time.

Gunsmithing - How to Choose A Rifle Scope Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA

Video Credit: MidwayUSA

Wrap up

The above are the important features you should consider when choosing the best rifle scopes in the market as per your need. It is quite obvious that you will find numerous best rifle scopes for your money but you have to adhere to the standards of quality and prefer to fulfill your basic targeting needs.

It should be noted, however, that the features that are important for an experienced shooter may not be too important for a newbie.

For instance, an experienced user may want to stay as accurate as possible by using the fine reticle, while a newbie will do well using a scope with duplex reticle. The main goal is to choose what is more ideal for your particular situation and your hunting environment.

Hope we have sorted all questions about the best rifle scopes that may have hindered you while buying the rifle scopes online, but now you should be clear and make your decision wisely based on our suggestion above.