Best Straight Razor Blades

Straight razors are totally different as compared to the safety razors and so is their handling, usage, and components that give a unique shaving experience indeed.

People who are in need of finding the best straight razor blades may need to look at how it works, how it is different from the safety razors and how well they can take advantage of having a straight razor instead of a safety razor.

To make sure you know everything about these unique wonder razors we have collected the desired information in a carefully composed article piece below to help our readers know what is best for them. So, read on and know your choices and why should you buy them.

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OUNONA Stainless Steel 
OUNONA Stainless Steel Razor
Upgraded Blade Straight Razor Steel
Upgraded Blade Straight Razor Steel

Things to consider when buying straight razor blades

It’s a bit more difficult to judge whether a particular razor blade is of high quality than actually learning how to use it. There are a lot of things to consider, which includes the safety features and the personal preference of the user. Sometimes the search for the right one can be a little frustrating.

So, when you’re looking for the right straight razor blade to buy, you have to consider certain features. But what are the important things to consider and how do you know which product is more suitable for you? The following are the factors to look out for when choosing the right type of straight razor.

straight razor blades


Built quality

Obviously, a straight razor blade that is flimsy will not catch the fancy of anybody. Straight razors that are durable will surely give you good value for money.

If you are new to the razor shaving world, it’s better to choose from a reputable brand. This will reduce the chance of getting the wrong product.

You can judge the quality by simply looking at the weight, sine, blade’s sharpness and size.

The material used in the making of straight razor blades

Straight razor blades are either designed with carbon or stainless steel. Carbon steels are more expensive as they are designed with overall higher quality. On the other hand, stainless steels are cheaper and more common for beginners.

Their sharpness also lasts longer. For inexperienced users who are still learning how to shave properly with a razor, the stainless steel will be more ideal.

However, serious enthusiasts know that the best shaving material for razor blades is the one made with carbon steel.
Type of handle

If you’ve decided to buy a razor with a top-quality blade, it doesn’t make sense when you end up selecting one with a flimsy handle. The handle is an integral part of the entire straight razor blade where it folds into it.

It can help you shave properly and prolong the lifespan of the straight razor blade. Generally, plastic handles can easily bend or break. This is why shaving enthusiasts prefer metal or wooden handles because they are more durable.

Modern style vs vintage

If you love antiques, you should probably go for vintage straight razors with contemporary swiftness.
The vintage can be restored at a small cost. On the other hand, modern-styled straight razors do not have rusts or aging pasts as is the case with traditional razors. So, in this case, the choice is yours.

Select a razor with proper balance

This may not be considered very important, but it’s still vital to a beginner. The head (blade) and the handle should have proportionate weight. If you’re using a straight razor blade with imbalance issues, it will spell doom for the user. The upper section should not be heavier than the handle section. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to control by the user.

Look at the grind of the razor

There are basically two major types of grinds for a straight razor – the hollow grind and the wedge grind. The former is easier to strop.

They are easy to sharpen since the blade is carved out. For the wedge grind, a beginner has a higher risk of accidental cuts. They are also difficult to sharpen, unlike hollow structured razors.

It’s always a good thing to select the most appropriate straight blade for your shaving needs. When you know exactly what you need, it will be easier to make the right decision. The features above shall guide anyone who is interested in buying the top quality razor model.

The size of the blade

You can select the razor blade size ranging from 4/8, 5/8 and 13/16 and so on depending on your desired one.
The type and shape of the blade

There are basically 5 shapes of straight razor blades that re being used based on the preferred kind of shave, convenience, and style of shaving.

These include

The round-round tip is easy and safest to use for beginners
Spike - need more attention as it is edgy at the tip
Barber’s notch - comes with an indentation
Spanish - somewhat similar to barber’s notch but a rounded tip for greater maneuverability
French - it’s a combination of round tip blades and Spanish tip design for better shaving

Top 10 best straight Razor reviews

If you are looking to pick the one that is perfectly made to give you a smooth shave, here are our suggestions to look for:

#1. Ringblade - Silver Straight Edge Razor

Instead of a traditional handle, Ringblade comes with a patented swivel finger loop that gives it a fashionable look. The blade is a product of superior craftsmanship for stylists, barbers, and professionals. This stainless steel blade is designed from the finest quality material from Japan.

Ringblade - Silver Straight Edge Razor

It is designed for both experienced and inexperienced users.
Even if you’re a first time user, this blade will certainly do well for you. If you’re looking for a premium quality straight razor blade, there aren’t many options that will come close to this Ringblade edge razor.

#2. Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

Professional Barber contains 100 premium quality blades, with each of them individually wrapped with paper wax. The flip-able blade has a comfortable metal grip that allows close shave and easy maneuvering. It comes with a safety lock that helps you keep stay very safe.

Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

The blade is made with stainless steel material, which provides a smooth shave at all times. In addition, stylish individuals will love the ergonomic design of the blade. The convenience of the handle makes it easy to grip and more convenient to shave. This helps the blade stay rust-free for a very long time.

#3. Upgraded Blade Straight Razor Steel

This blade is easy to hold, is smooth, and very comfortable for traditional saving. However, the blade may not be straightforward for new users. You have to learn how to effectively maintain the sharpness with a strop. But maintaining the blade will not be an issue once you are familiar with stropping.

Upgraded Blade Straight Razor Steel

The product is designed with carbon alloy steel which retains its sharpness. It’s also resistant to abrasion. Overall, the blade is properly made for both experienced and inexperienced users.

#4. Straight Razor with 100 single-edged blades

Straight Razor comes with 100 counts of individually crafted blades made with durable stainless steel. The ergonomic design is also another talking point of the blade. The blades are calibrated and made to give you the closest shave.
The blades are also very durable. Each blade will last for you for up to 3 shaves. This gives you a very long time before ordering another pack of 100 single blades for your Straight Razor.

Straight Razor with 100 single-edged blades

And for classy individuals, the blade is designed to meet their needs. The metal finishes on the blade give it a perfect design and convenience while in use. On the whole, this Straight Razor is a durable and efficient razor that gives you the closest of a shave.

#5. Professional Barber Blade Straight Razor

This straight razor blade is another rust-resistant blade which is better for thick hair or beard. It provides a smooth and precise cut, just like other blades we have reviewed above. It offers an amateur swing lock design to help you securely insert the blades.

Professional Barber Blade Straight Razor

Another important feature of the blade is the balanced weight and comfortable grip. It gives out less vibration when in use. This enables the user to comfortably shave while holding the handle.

In addition, the blade comes with a durable design and a stylish one too. It is certainly the type of blade that will last a considerable amount of time for you.

#6. OUNONA Stainless Steel Razor

Ounona is the right type of blade that is perfect for hair salons and barbershops. It is also ideal for personal use. The blade is designed with an easy-to-open blade guard, as each blade is effortlessly and safely exchanged.

OUNONA Stainless Steel Razor

Onunona stainless blade is easy to use, space-saving, and very portable. It is easy to take along when traveling too. After each shave, it leaves the face feeling great and well shaved.

This type of razor blade is ideal for fine hair, short hair, sideburns, as well as shaved beard. Overall, the blade is a complete package for both professional and personal use.

#7. DOVO "DOVO Straight Razor

If you are razor aficionado, Dovo Dovo needs no introduction. This specially made blade has won the hearts of many. Its 5/8” stainless steel blade is properly made to give users the closest of shaves. This saves you a lot on the cost of disposable blades.

In addition, the comfortable handle gives anyone (whether experienced or inexperienced) the convenience to hold and shave with the blade. This Dovo Dovo blade is very popular among barbers and professional hairstylist.

DOVO "DOVO Straight Razor

It is great for personal use as well. More importantly, the blade is less expensive compared to some other model within its class.

#8. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather SS is another comfortable blade that is both effective and smooth on the skin. It is very easy to change the blade. However, you can disinfect the blade using ethanol or boiling water.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

It comes with an optimal blade exposure and a rounded shaving head that provides a smooth and soft shaving experience.
Feather SS has a heat-resistant handle that is not exposed to rust.

The handle is also easy to hold when shaving. The company paid particular attention to an ergonomic design for the convenience of users. Overall, the resin handle and super-engineered design make it the number one choice for users.

#9. ShearsDirect Non-Folding Straight Razor

Here is another non-folding straight razor with easy handle and slick blades. It comes with a pack of 10 blades with easy to remove blade cover. It comes with a black handle for a secure and convenient grip.

The blades are safely secured while in use. In addition, the lifetime warranty offered by the company gives users quality and durability assurance.

ShearsDirect Non-Folding Straight Razor

The razor may not be the lightest around, but when it comes to shining and shaving quality, it is rated as one of the best. ShearsDirect razor blade comes with a secured pack for safekeeping.

#10. Straight Edge Razor German High-Speed Steel

Straight Razor blade provides superior triple honed sharpness. It is individually crafted by professional artisans to provide smooth shaving experience for both long and short hair. Straight Razorblade is durable, flexible, and nitrogen-cooled for high performance. The properly designed handle is carved of wood. The wood is tough and free from moisture.

Straight Edge Razor German High-Speed Steel

Again, this blade is well balanced with ergonomic design. Some blades can cause you pain and fatigue when used for a long time. But the comfortable design of the handle makes it not an issue with this blade. Overall, the straight razor is made with high carbon steel that tells more about its durability and close shave.

Straight Razor Blades FAQ

Question: Which is the right straight razor for a beginner?

Answer: The best razor for a beginner should be user-friendly. The hollow structured razors are suitable for new users because they are curved and less likely to cut accidentally.

Question: Which is the razor blade in the market?

Answer: This will depend a lot on your hair type and what works best for you. However, there are some top quality brands that are both durable and safe to use.

Question: Which are the important features to consider when buying a straight razor blade?

Answer: The best straight razors usually have a durable handle and sharp blades. When buying a razor blade, the quality of the blade is a very important consideration.

Question: Which razor blade is recommended for people with sensitive skin?

Answer: Stick to the top quality brands. These ones have been certified and approved for use by people with different types of skin. Again, you should consider a hollow based razor blade. These ones are a bit mild on sensitive skins.

Question: Are straight razors ready-to-shave?

Answer: Yes, most straight razors are ready-to-shave as indicated by the manufacturer. Some companies may offer a sharper blade than others. But you are still required to sharp the razor before each use.

Question: Can I get better quality steel when I buy the more expensive razors?

Answer: Although the price is a reflection of quality, this is not always the case. There are some razor brands made with the best quality steel but relatively affordable. So, sometimes buying an expensive model is not a guarantee for steel quality.

Question: What type of straight razor steel is the best?

Answer: There are basically 3 types of razor steel - Damascus, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Stainless steel is good for beginners, but carbon steel is the best choice for most shaving enthusiasts. This is because it is easy to hone and shaves more smoothly.

Question: What’s the difference between a stainless steel and carbon steel razor?

Answer: The main difference between them is the hardness of steel. Carbon steel easily achieves an edge compared to stainless steel. However, when you’ve succeeded in achieving an edge in stainless, it lasts longer.

Question: Which type of straight razor is recommended for the everyday user?

Answer: For those who are going to be shaving regularly, a carbon steel razor is a better option. This is because it achieves quicker edge and is easy to maintain as well.

Question: What is the best product for a razor strop?

Answer: Razor strop is very important because it is used before and after every shave. So, you should choose the product that’s made of high-quality leather material. The leather should optimal draw, pliable, and flat.

Question: Are straight razor blades detachable?

Answer: Traditional straight razor composed of metal blades instead of insert-able blades is not detachable whereas today, the straight razor blades have detachable blades where you can remove and replace older blades with a new one in an easy way.

Best How To Shave with a Straight Razor

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Now that you have all things in front of your eyes to explore and compare and pick the best straight razor, you can surely get the best one without wasting your time. We have reviewed and enlisted the best possible straight razor blades so that you will never be disappointed upon having them. Good Luck!