How Does Burn TS Weight Loss Supplement Work?

The tried and tested methods for losing weight are cutting calories, eating healthy food, and being physically active. But sometimes when you don’t find it easy to make these lifestyle changes, taking supplementary products that advertise weight loss is really interesting. They come as non-prescription drugs, prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbal products.

The supplements claim to reduce weight in different ways, such as by blocking fat or carbohydrate absorption, curbing the appetite, or speeding up the metabolism so that more fat is burnt. There are many ingredients in weight loss supplements such as fiber, herbs, minerals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plant parts in different combinations and in different amounts. They might be sold as tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids. Some products might have a large number of ingredients too.

Even though there are quite a lot of companies and products in the supplement market, one of the premium weight loss supplements is DietSpotlight Burn TS. A good news for frustrated dieters is that research teams have tackled almost 300 products, and the outstanding one is DietSpotlight Burn TS.

DietSpotlight Burn TS is prepared in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility in San Diego in California. DietSpotlight Burn TS aims to provide loss of weight with safe and powerful ingredients and is well-backed by science, unlike most of the other similar products in the market.

#2, How Does Dietspotlight Burn TS Work?

The DietSpotlight Burn TS is a pill intended for weight loss made with proprietary formula providing safe, noticeable loss in weight. It contains patented ingredients which serve to increase energy and metabolism, while burning off calories at the same time.

It can be called as a formula which induces lipolysis so that the internal temperature of the body is raised to help in burning fat, otherwise called as having a thermogenic effect.

#3, What Are The Ingredients In Dietspotlight Burn TS?

Ingredient purity is what sets DietSpotlight Burn TS apart from all the other formulas on the market. It contains no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. It is 100% free from gluten and is also non-GMO.

The active ingredients of DietSpotlight Burn TS are:


Meratrim is a combination of a fruit called Garcinia mangostana and the flower of Sphaeranthus indicus, which is created by InterHealth Nutraceuticals and patented. It helps in burning off excess fat from fat cells so that more fat cells are not created, and reducing the amount of fat cells in the blood stream.

Green Tea Extract

The tea extract used is from the plant Camelia sinensis, which contains antioxidants as well as caffeine. This tea is not fermented and maintains polyphenols which have many health benefits. It helps in improving the immune system, in raising alertness, and in stimulating the central nervous system.


It is effective as a fat burner and does help with moderate health loss if caffeine consumption is controlled along with an active exercise program and a healthy diet. Surprisingly, neither ingredient shows weight loss qualities when used on its own, but only when they are used in combination.


It is chromium polynicotinate, a blend of minerals niacin and chromium called as ChromeMate and patented by InterHealth Nutraceuticals. It has the same weight-loss advantages as chromium picolinate and studies suggest that niacin can improve absorption. Also, studies show that it might affect positively and help in maintaining levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood.

Natural Caffeine

It is a common stimulant purified and used from coffee beans of very good quality. DietSpotlight Burn TS contains 75 mg of caffeine, which is less than an average cup of home-brewed coffee. So even when taken two times a day, the quantity comes to only 150 mg, which is not enough to cause a stimulation. Thus the user can get the advantage of the increased metabolism of fatty acids and an extra energy enhancement without causing jitters. Chromium as well as niacin are already known to be healthy minerals which should be incorporated in a Balanced diet.

#4, How Is Dietspotlight Burn TS Used?

A bottle of DietSpotlight Burn TS contains a supply for 30 days, with 60 capsules, which are quite easy to swallow. They are to be taken twice daily - half an hour before breakfast and lunch.

Dietspotlight Burn TS Results
Studies have shown a weight loss of even up to 11 pounds in 8 weeks time.


  • Brings cravings down
  • Has a money back guarantee
  • Some people have experienced satisfactory weight loss with use


  • Some people were allergic to it
  • Did not help some people at all

#5, Final Verdict

Referenced clinical studies have been conducted which show that some of the active ingredients in DietSpotlight Burn TS really help people in burning accumulated body fat. Even though there is added caffeine, the quantity is not so much as to produce a stimulant effect as per the studies.