$1000 Scholarship Giveaway By Solid Landings Behavioral Health!

Our Company is proud to announce its forthcoming scholarship program for our readers. We understand that learning takes a toll on both the mental and financial strengths of individuals. While it’s the student’s prerogative to bear most of the intellectual burdens, we want to throw in our support on the financial aspects. So, we have decided to offer scholarships to students to help them take care of some of their financial obligations while studying and enjoy their passion for hunting.

Due to the fact, outdoor activities require a lot of investment in the form of money and time along with passion-filled efforts.

We offer detailed and helpful information about hunting, targeting, and shooting gadgets and related accessories to help our readers. The scholarship will be supporting students to exceed their limitations and become better outdoor players and well-educated people.

$1000 Scholarship Giveaway By Solid Landings Behavioral Health!

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Who is eligible to apply?

The scholarship is open to all students who are currently studying in a university or college or are completing graduation or post-graduation standard education. Our aim is to assist selected students to achieve their educational goals and helping them enjoy their outdoor gaming dream come true with us.

In this scholarship, anyone who is interested in writing on the given topic, or sharing videos as described below, is eligible to apply.

But it is important to note that you will have to provide proof of your student identity so that the scholarship may be provided after the winning process is completed.

How much is the Scholarship?

We are going to select new students who will be given a scholarship of worth 1000 USD.

Please take note of these important things

All applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship should do so on or before the end of this year.

Application Requirements

Create a 30 or 60 seconds video describing how the scholarship will be helpful to you when you are declared the winner.

Upload the video on YouTube or any other recognized video sharing platform.

At the description section of the video, you must add the link. This will help us record your application in order.

Note: The more creative you are with your video, the better chance you stand at claiming the scholarship prize.

Where to apply?

Send your application tour email id with your full name, residential address, age, and current school you attend.

How to increases the chances of winning the scholarship?

To increase the chances of winning the scholarship you can do the following things:

Make sure to apply only if you are a student because if you are not, your application may not be sent further.

Always provide clear information about how you are going to take part whether through videos submission or content commission.

Don’t forget to provide your details in the correct format so that we can add your name, qualification and all data on time so that your name will be included in the process.

Don’t fake your information and stay clear and confirmed when providing all details.

You can have chances of winning the scholarship if you have provided all the necessary details and have added your application on time without delay.